A Journey Across Time

Two years ago, she made the hard decision to leave her past behind.

Sad & fearful of the unknown future, she packed her bags and left New Zealand, her home of 4 years to move half way across the world.

Yet again. For the 4th time.

Leaving behind her home, partner, friends, life as she knew it.

Two years ago she didn’t know what was going to happen, how it would all turn out.

Two years ago she was struggling to make sense of a lot of things. Deep in her heart she knew this was the way forward, even though it felt like 2 steps back.

Two years later, she’s grateful and appreciative of that move.

In these two years she’s grown, learned, changed, challenged herself yet again, become more alive, confident and secure, fallen in love with herself, counted her million blessings and embraced life’s opportunities.

Two years later, that girl stands here smiling, loving, living more passionately and happily each day.

From seeking her life’s purpose to realising she’d known it all along, from shying away from her gifts to embodying them in daily life, from an “unemployable job hopper” to intentional business owner, she’s come a long way baby!

Thank you Canada, thank you Vancouver for the beautiful gifts of Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Law of Attraction, Laws of Perception, Conscious creation skills, Self Belief,  and much much more.

Above all, thank you amazing, wonderful people who’ve come into my life over the past 2 years. I couldn’t have done it without you. #Happy #Blissed out #ExcitedAboutNewAdventures #ThisIsJustTheBeginning!

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  1. Silvana says

    Dear Tia,

    I m sorry i been away for so long but your story just made me smile. Going through a period of no choice “Change” or is it really. I know that all these things are making room for new things, new beginning. I am so glad you have a happy ending, I am glad you found your way.

    Best Wishes for the future to continue for you

  2. says

    You’re always around in spirit my friend 🙂 It’s taken me a while to love my journey and get to the place of “It’s all perfect” so I know I’m way up in the mountains looking down at everything, good & bad, as a blessing! I’m going to write about that in the next post, this was a shout out to say Thank You. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. says

    Right here, right now…I’m as grateful and appreciative for your last two years as you are, ’cause I’m one of the blessed/blissed fortunate people who’s gotten to meet this current, loving, lovable, JOYful, Brilliant, ever-evolving into the most-amazing-peep-she-was-born-to-be along with the rest of us, Y O U, YOU!

    This IS just the beginning!!!! Woo-Hoo!! And it’s a celebration!!!! Every moment. Every day. Such JOY sharing the path with you, Tia!!!! You rock so deep!! 🙂

    XO DebSoul 🙂

  4. says

    And *I* totally hit the jackpot when I met you, Jeannette, Kim, the GVUers in 2008. I wonder if I would ever have met you all if I hadn’t come to Canada?

    Would I still have been searching the Interwebs for personal development sites and found Jeannette? Would I have met the same people via twitter or would it have been very different? I can’t even imagine life without you all!! And so I am VERY, VERY glad that I moved!

    Hindsight is 20-20 as my dad would say. Something to remember when we’re getting restless and wondering if we’ve made the right choice 🙂

    The sense of peace I have now (& have had over the past few months), is probably for the first time in my life! So yes, the BEGINNING of the rest of my life!

    Not a surprise anymore that the haircut came 4 days before the 2 year anniv… prepping up for more changes & awesome sauce!

    Love you sista! xo

  5. says

    Wow Tia,

    This is so inspiring and I hardly recognised the new you . I felt so much joy reading your story ans relate so closely to : shying away from her gifts…….

    You make me think about moving to Vancouver, sounds like it has some magic- not sure about the weather.:)

    Now I am curious where was the time before NZ

    I feel blessed to have met you, one day we will meet in person- I keep meeting more peeps from Vancouver


  6. says

    Thanks Suzie! Yes, it hit me all of a sudden the other day – that Vancouver HAS been amazing! So far I’d say things like “yeah it’s ok, but I’m going back” now I think “I love it and I can choose to stay or go back”. This year is what’s made the difference.. (true about the weather but even that’s something I’m used to now)

    Before NZ was travelling around India for a year, before that was the US – Atlanta, Georgia for 2 years and before that, all over India! Insatiable traveller who’s always known that home is where I am.

    Appreciate your presence here, much love xo

    ps: Yes, please come visit!

  7. Sujata says

    Yeah Change is always so difficult to accept in the first place that one tends to not see the good things that the change brings about in one’s life even though all those goodies are looking in one’s eye.
    One needs to just open their eyes to actually see it.

    I’m glad that these last 2 years have been so enriching for you and very very glad for your writings since it inspires so many like me day in, day out … I for one keep looking out for new posts from you regularly.

    TIA Rocks !!!

  8. says

    Gee thanks Sujata now I feel like writing every day .. almost! LoL .. 🙂 It’s been great having you around, thank you for your continued presence and know that these changes are leading to the next phase of my writing / coaching life. Stay tuned!


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