I am SO inspired by this little girl!

Had to share this video which is quickly going viral on youtube. It’s so awesome!! If she can do it, so can YOU! And me.

I think I’m going to do a 7 day daily affirmation in front of the mirror just like Jessica and see what happens… join me? 😀

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    Just saw this in Jeannette’s and Dana’s FB streams! 🙂

    LOVE it!!!! I’m in. 7 days. In front of the mirror. Just like Jesicca.

    On the counter top. … And one of the days, I want to see a video of your daily affirmation rampage! ‘kay Tia? 🙂

    LOVE it!!!! 🙂 *I said that already, didn’t I? 😉

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    Jeannette got it from Dana who, like me, got it from Vicki (@SmartWoman) on FB and it’s been going viral since then 😀 If that wasn’t just the best vibe upping affirmation I’ve ever seen .. wow!

    You’re taking this to the next level aren’t you – there isn’t a counter top big enough to do it on at my place but how about if you do one and come back here to post it, I will too!?

    I might do another one at the beach .. hehe >: ) Great new profile pic btw, you look smashingly gorgeous! I’ve missed you around here!

  3. says

    Yeah…haven’t been on the internet nearly as much for the last while. Spring and Mother Nature call me out and my heart JOYfully agrees we should go with it.

    My body managed to attract a pretty wicked flu/cold thingie this last week, so I’ve been couch-bound and therefore online much more! Hehe

    Hmmm…I do have a big counter top in my bathroom…with a rather large mirror…

    We shall see what happens when the new and improved version of me that’s been brewing in my vibrational reality while the old me has been sickie-poo on the couch has to say about it!

    HUGS!!! XO DebSoul

  4. says

    @Deb: Get well soon cupcake!! I did the lil dance yest and it was soooo funny! Great vibe lifter 😀

    @Anna: She’s 12 now and loving how popular this vid’s become 90,000+ views from when I first posted it (was 19,000 then) LOVE viral social media power!

  5. says

    Outstanding!!! Watching that reminded me of the “inner child” stuff I did in therapy many years ago. Lots of therapy is definitely not in the Vortex, but some aspects of the inner child can be an excellent way to align with source–it’s that playful, fun, joyful critter we all have inside. I usually use my 9 month old Springer spaniel to get me there, but I’m going to tap Little Ande on the shoulder and ask if she wants to dance in front of the mirror with me.

    I’m IN for 7 days of Jessica’s Vortex Dance.

  6. says

    Hey Ande / Andrea, thanks for chipping in! Letting your inner 5 year old run free is an awesome way to experience Vortexuality 😀

    Some other ways to do that? Play dress ups! Sometimes I’ll get out my high heels, put on a mish mash of an outfit (or a gorgeous dress), a tiara, glitter eye shadow and eat cake! It is SO much fun to indulge like that.

    And yay to have you along for the ride! Would you be brave enough to make a vid & post it here like Deb suggested I do? I just might….!

  7. says

    @Wendy: Her dad says she’s a pretty confident 12 yr old! Wouldn’t it be so cool to have her make another video now 😀 So great to see you here, look forward to connecting via phone.

    @Annette: That was my favourite part too!! I can do this .. BETTER than anyone!

  8. Anna says

    Tia, I’m volunteering me and the boy … we dance our joys anyway – why not share, and with purpose? Maybe our contribution will encourage others to do the same, and thereby inspire US!
    Off to Challenger Ball (fabulous league for kids with “special needs” or as I see it, most extraordinary gifts). I’ll be posting in a day or two –
    Love and Respect for who you are and what you’re doing,

  9. says

    I am SO looking forward to that video 😀 YOU rock and so does Jackson (hope I remembered his name correctly?)!! Woohoo!

  10. says

    I so randomly just caught site of this blog post (and hi there @WendyMaynard a few comments above me, our paths cross many times over!)

    For me, it’s her STANCE I love the most. I love the affirmations but her surefootedness and motivational plies on that counter top not only speak of an inner confidence, but that natural ability for kids to jump up on and dance on any surface.

    Thanks for sharing this! Now, I’m going to do some warm up stretches so I can get up on my bathroom counter too.


  11. says

    Hey Nancy! First off – what a GORGEOUS avatar! You radiate beauty and joy, that alone made my day on seeing your comment 🙂

    This morning I played the vid again for the 20th time and punched my hands in the air just like Jessica – It just made me LAUGH with sheer happiness. Her style’s really doing it for me!

    Thanks for dropping by & please let me know how the bathroom countertop affirmation session was, bwhahaha!

  12. says

    Wobbly at best, but not in spirit!
    You are radiant too, it’s important we all find each other and support positivity in this crazy world. Thanks for shining in a true way!

  13. says

    LOL I love that you actually did it! Ha!

    Gotta give a shout out to Vicki – she just wrote a blog post about how Jessica’s dad made this vid NINE years ago in 2001 and after 9 years it’s suddenly gone from 1000 views to 160,000+!!


    WOW! Just goes to show, you never know when something you say or do will bring you success so the one tip I’m taking away from this is to keep doing what makes me happy and adds value to people’s lives. Success is a by product, the real joy comes from giving and creating.

    Who wldv’e thought so many lessons would come from one little video of one little girl…

  14. LeeLeet says

    Hi Tia, I thought the video was awesome, it actually made me cry that this little girl just told herself in front of the mirror & in front of anyone else in the room, how awesome her and her life was.

    I do feel I count my blessings in life but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do that in front of a mirror. I feel that children have those inhibitions because of their lack of life experience. Like their no fear of most things cause they don’t know what can hurt them.

    How does one lose the ‘experiences’ of being hurt or shutdown or having reality shoved in their face to be able to not “act” in front of the mirror but to actually believe the affirmation they are saying?”


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