One year Review & Rebranding Survey

Hey you!

I really appreciate you.

For being here, for reading, commenting, letting me into your world.

You are very, very awesome and I’m honoured by your presence, THANK YOU!

If you’ve been reading a while, you may have noticed that this blog’s growing up. If you’re new here, read on anyways to see what’s happening.

I’ve been thinking of rebranding the Coach T.I.A website since it turned 6 months old in Sept 09 and it’s all coming to a crucial point – Inspired Action is leading to this next step.

(When it started a year ago, we (the blog and I) were both finding our feet and talking about our passions, which included and still do, Law of Attraction, Inspired Action, Personal Development, coaching etc).

As time’s gone by, I’ve also become quite interested in other topics like –

  • Creating relationships using the Power of Social Media
  • Tribes – finding, creating and being a part of something bigger
  • Entrepreneurship & Business building
  • Living a life of courage and authenticity
  • Boldness! Standing out and making a stand for core values
  • Being Intentional – in personal & professional ways

The scope is broader and wider now.

So even as I prepare to launch a new site (on social media for coaches), I’m rebranding this one to reflect the year’s learning that I’ve grown into.

Now, I really need YOUR help to suss out what you want more of, what you need less of, what YOU WANT, period.

Because you are the reason this blog and website exist.

The changes I make, will reflect you as much as they do me. So please, pretty pretty please take 30 seconds of your time now to answer 5 short questions in this survey.

Thanks, SO looking forward to your input on this one. You rock! Tia

Click here: Review & Rebranding Survey 2010

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  1. says

    Great survey, Tia! I spent a bunch of years doing oodles of copywriting/research/interviews for a client on surveying and now nothing bugs me quite so much as a survey that doesn’t let me actually provide information, so I especially appreciated that you let multiple boxes be chosen and also had lots of blanks for extra ideas. I know it’s geeky of me, but I just had to mention it ;-).

  2. says

    Aww thanks Jessica! I just wanted to make it fun & easy cos big, single answer ones piss me off too. Thanks for doing it and thanks for letting me know you liked it 🙂 I was just thinking about you the other day and how you’d be pleased to know my inner Edith is surfacing this year just like you called it! Bolder & more powerful than the 2009 Audrey or whoever else she was. Thanks for that! xo

  3. Anna says

    Ditto on Jessica’s comment – can’t adequately express my gratitude at being able to complete a survey/questionnaire appropriately …

  4. says

    I’m so thrilled to hear that, Tia! And as I recall, you were pretty uncomfortable with the idea of leaving Audrey behind ;-). It’s definitely coming through in your posts–they feel much more powerful and self-directed.

  5. says

    Well, she just wanted to play it safe a little while longer, won’t fault her for that but boy oh boy does Edith have a VOICE!


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