Blog Review & Rebranding Survey Results


Thank you so so so SO much, blog readers, ezine readers, twitter & FB friends and everyone who took the survey.

I took screen shots at 32 responses (they’re still trickling in, a couple a day) to share with you.

A bunch of you told me that you enjoyed filling out this Questionnaire. Boy, am I ever glad to hear that cos I wanted it to be fun, easy and fast for you. Looks like it worked, yay!

If you haven’t had the chance to inject 30 seconds of fun into your day yet, no worries, head on over and play with the One Year Blog Review & Branding Survey & have your say too.

Then come back & read the rest. Oh who am I kidding, you’re gonna read 1st 😉 I know I would. Settle in & Enjoy! Then, tell me what you think.

Q & A 1. What in your opinion is Coach T.I.A all about?

  • With a name like “T.I.A – Take Inspired Action” you all scored top of the class marks for saying “Take Inspired Action” 85% of the responses. Did I make that too easy for you?
  • Law of Attraction and Personal Development scored as expected.
  • I snuck in Being Intentional & Making Choices (36%) after half the responses had already come in, so that’s a good show of hands.
  • Tips on Happiness and Fun at 72% – that surprised me! Apart from the Top Tips for Happiness manifesto I give away when you sign up for the Ezine, I hadn’t paid much attention to it so it’s very interesting.

Q & A 2. What would you like to see more of on the blog?

You all said you liked having a few options to choose from and as a result, came up with some fab answers.

  • Tops on the list with 70%, is How to Take Inspired Action
  • Law of Attraction at 50% wasn’t a surprise but the high 56 % of you for whom Life Balance is an issue is an eye opener. Many of you feel pressured to do it all & have it all.
  • Living Intentionally 45% – again, snuck this in half way thru the survey (by now you’ve guessed this is a recurring theme).
  • Snuck in Social Media Tips & Strategies midway & got many comments asking for more. I may keep that for the other site I’m launching specifically on Intentional (there’s that word again) Social Media.

Q & A # 3: How does the Coach T.I.A blog make you feel?

The Vibe question. Reading the answers makes ME feel Inspired, Happy and Energised! I put in the 1st two options after 70% of the responses had come in.

You’re probably wondering what those comments say, huh? I’ll share a few:

  • Entertained!!! 🙂 (and proud to know you!)
  • The content is great and I love the enthusiasm that shines through…but (I mean “and” 😉 there’s so much going on in the website (links, Twitter feeds, etc.) that I’m left feeling a bit overwhelmed.
  • Optimistic! I can do it – Yes I can! Connected – as in “I’m not the only one who…”
  • You’re saying in your blog what most others allow themselves to only think, secretly. The world needs more people being open & honest – SOCIETY needs more. Who we really are – what we think, feel & do, be that ideal or not so – is the greatest teacher of all.

(Wow, some of this stuff you said was so MOVING! I’m just so touched by the comments. Thank you whoever said that!)

Q & A 4: What would you like to see me do next?

To the smart alecks who said “bake me cookies” and “sing karoake” I know who you are and I’m going to TP the tree outside your homes tonight. J/K I’m not going that far to do it, consider yourselves cyber-TPed!

The rest of you want to see me squirm in front of the camera, like the time I asked a stranger to shoot me making a Gratitude Video for Alex Karis’s Hurricane of Gratitude.

Or when I faced my fears by hugging strangers in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery last Thanksgiving.

Or huffed and puffed my way through a very mixed up spiel on Journeys and Destinations and Mothers giving birth, in Queenstown last summer...

Q & A 5: What’s your most pressing, current need / challenge?

Ok so I did this one a little differently – out of the 30+ responses, I’m only posting the 1st 9 cos the others have names & personal details that I’m not going to share for privacy reasons. I’ll state for the record that the top 5 challenges you’re facing (if any), are:

  • Money
  • Time Management & Energy
  • Staying focused
  • Dealing with resistance and negative thinking
  • Social media

Know this – you’re not alone! Nearly 80% of the responses included more than 2 of these areas. And I’ve had enough challenges and victories in each of these areas to provide you with tips, strategies and ideas.

What’s next? Stay tuned for videos, interviews & more.

Now that you’ve seen this survey, what do you think? Anything else jump out at you? What’s important to you that got left out?

This is your chance – hit the comment button and fire away!

  • Any specific topics for these courses or ebooks?
  • Got someone who inspires you that you’d like me to interview?

Many thanks for participating, reading and sharing. I owe you my left kidney.

Ps: If you haven’t done the survey yet, head on over to the Review & Branding Survey and let me know your thoughts. What, you didn’t think I was going to forget, did I? Oh, I guarantee you’ll ENJOY filling this one out.

Thanks again you’ll, this has been the funnest survey ever & I’m going to enjoy granting your wishes :D!

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  1. Anna says

    I’m thinking… that you’ve made me feel fabulously wonderful by feeling fabulously wonderful yourself, because of something I said (or rather, wrote).

    Receiving really is Giving – so i thank you for this great feeling you’ve given me.

    Smiling at the Sun!

  2. says

    That was you!! I had a feeling and am delighted to know 😀 Thank you!! Giving, recieiving, giving, accepting – it’s all a beautiful, bountiful circle of love. Many thanks! xoxo

  3. Anna says

    And I’m tellin’ it too, Sister! We’re ALL living in a Beautiful, Bountiful Circle of Love … it’s a BB-Call! (as in BB-COL)



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