How To Get Out Of a Funk INSTANTLY!

I spend a lot of time “hanging out” at the Good Vibe University, my fave Law of Attraction & Conscious Creation resource, where a fellow GVUer just started the coolest thread ever.

It’s such a happy, joy inducing thread that I got inspired to start one here.

Behold, the secret weapon! A quick, fast, easy, simple and super fun way to get out of a funk / make a bad day turn awesome:

Take a trip down memory lane.

(Thank you Robert!)

I’ll start us off with a list of some of my favourite memories, feel free to use them as a feel-good tool anytime you want but even better, add yours to the list after you’re done reading!

  • Lying on the lawn with my mom, dad and brother after dinner, counting stars and pointing out constellations – I always looked for the Big Dipper and North Star
  • My favourite Uncle surprising us with visits on his military breaks. Oh HOW my brother and I would squeal and scream and jump all over him when we came home from school and found out he was there!
  • Hiding behind curtains watching my parents dance at parties
  • Playing Monopoly surrounded by a ton of 5 star Cadbury chocolates that my Uncle would bring us. There was never a game of Monopoly played with more enthusiasm or more chocolates (I only have 4 fillings, thank you very much!)
  • Spending 2 months every summer with my cousins at Grandpa’s home in the paternal village
  • Dad flying past said house in ‘his’ helicopter, hovering above to drop off chocolates and goodies that would float down in little kerchief sized parachutes which we’d run about catching
  • Always screaming “PAPA! PAPA!” EVERY time my brother & I saw a helicopter .. LOL!!
  • Riding in a rickshaw to go see an Indian movie titled “I am a Disco Dancer” and er… disco dancing like him 😀
  • Hosting my 1st (and probably last) “Midnight Feast” brought on by too many Enid Blyton books (age 11)
  • Playing dress ups

  • Sleepovers with my best friends, 4 of us piled up on top of each other talking through the night about crushes & first loves
  • My first Jam Session (co-ed dance evening) at the DSOI (Defence Services Officers Club)
  • Waking up the day (or was it midnight?) of my 20th birthday to find a bucket FULL of roses waiting outside my front door from my boyfriend at the time
  • Creating a story out of thin air that had my friend Mandira totally fooled for a WEEK and the 4 of us laughing as we finally told her the truth
  • Christmas eve at my friend Nina’s in the 90’s where I’d put up decorations and be rewarded by her mum’s yummiest, most-amazing-Fudge-in-the-world
  • That one time at my Uncle’s playing Pictionary where he tried to cheat but collapsed with laughter instead and his daughter caught on – so many laughs & giggles that night 🙂
  • Singing very loudly in cars with my best friends, totally off key and having the best time 🙂
  • The time Amanda, Sally and I sang “Drops of Jupiter” and waited for the “even when you’re wrong” part so we could yell loudly at each other!
  • Winning a hula hoop competition at Amanda’s Slip n Slide party, the 1st time I ever hula hooped (age 27)
  • Amanda’s Parties!! The BEST parties ever, ever, ever that made my 2 years in the US so fun!

  • Swing dancing with my friend Matt who was the bestest, awesomest swing dancer and effortlessly swung me around
  • Oh also my friend Rob, that time he dipped me on the floor and said I won’t drop you. And he didn’t.
  • So many Hotlanta nights of dancing till 3am, going home exhausted, tired and happy
  • Camping at Tugaloo with my Atlanta friends and late night swims in the lake 😉
  • St Patrick’s day 2002 in Savannah, Georgia. 200 of us took 4 buses out from Atlanta to Savannah and by the time we got there at noon, we were all in a state of Irish inebriation. Good times!
  • My birthday in 2001 when my friends hosted a wonderful party for me and made me wear a crown that slipped & cut my nose
  • Watching Kenny Rogers at Chastain Park, Atlanta with my friend John and crying tears of happiness cos Kenny reminded me of my dad who I missed and was the source of my love of country music
  • Finding out my New Zealand work visa had been granted and I was on my way to Queenstown, NZ

  • Realising that a guy I was crazy about liked me back and was about to ask me out – oh that moment is etched forever
  • Walking up Queenstown Hill with my ex and him singing the silliest song ever that went like “Rin tin tin tin tin HEY!” over and over and over again with accompanying dance movements, till I was laughing so hard I was in tears
  • Getting a red rose every month on the anniversary of our 1st date from the same ex 🙂
  • In Feb this year, waking up at 6am to go see Arnold Scharznegger light the Olympic flame and getting out of breath from running around from spot to spot and STILL missing him totally
  • Weaving through hundreds of people with my friend Jakob to get pictures of the Olympic Flame
  • The Olympic nights on Granville Street, the euphoria and excitement in the air
  • Watching Canada win Olympic Hockey Gold at the Cambie, woohoo!
  • Getting laid off from my “last job ever” in Vancouver  in 2008 and realising that this was the start of a fantastic new future, smiling and telling the firing manager that as she was fighting off tears
  • Discovering coaching and the exciting world of Entrepreneurship, the moment I knew that I would never again work for the Establishment

Wow, wow, wow I could go on all day. Going through my memories made me aware of just how great a life I’ve had and continue to have, full of many amazing times, friends, events.

The next time you feel like the world is out to get you or the sky is going to fall on your head and everything just sucks, try this.

Start writing down a list of your favourite memories.  I’ll just bet you won’t be able to stop once you get started. Total, INSTANT Vibe Shifter! I’m only stopping so you don’t get tired of reading, ha!

Ok, over to you now – what are some of your favourite memories?

Share them here and add to the good vibes spilling all over this post 😀

I can’t WAIT to hear from you!!

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  1. Robert Higginson says

    I love everything you’ve written Tia, it’s almost like I get to relive these wonderful memories with you. Thank you so much for brightening my day.

  2. says

    Thank YOU for starting it, Robert! This is the most fun I’ve had all week 😀 And I’m going to be reading this post and all the GVU posts anytime I need a shot of fun and inspiration. Memories!

  3. Toni says

    Wow, Tia – I absolutely love your list – what a great life experience you’re having! – and will do my own one in just a few minutes. Robert, thank you for coming up with such a brilliant idea! 🙂

  4. says

    Looking forward to your fave memories list, Toni! I’ve got so many coming to the fore now, I could fill 20 pages! Maybe I will – my own secret stash, hehe.

  5. says

    I’m loving your list, too, Tia! First at GVU, and now here with photos to add to the deliciousness!

    SUPER fun activity to create a super high vibe. Thanks for this!!

  6. says

    Well, Robert’s idea was too juicy not to share with others 🙂 I’m still laughing at YOUR list in the forum, that was sooooo classic Jeannette! What a fabulous treat to see you stop by!! Love you gf xo

  7. says

    Glad you enjoyed it! Can’t take credit for the idea or the memories, just so lucky to have had them and making more every day 🙂

  8. says

    YAY!!! Thank you!! It’s working :D!

    I guess it only starts with the new comments – bummer, I was hoping that all the previous comments would be commentluv enabled too … thanks Andy!

  9. says

    Awww wish you had a picture to share with us 😀 I imagine the look would have been priceless Mark!

    You just reminded me of another one of my favourite memories – my 11 month old cousin’s face when we brought her in front of the air conditioner at home – she just GASPED and froze and shook her head so many times, it was the funniest look I’ve ever seen!

    LOL, thanks for the trigger!

  10. says

    Mine too! That’s where the midnight feast idea came from 😀

    Also loved the Five Find Outers. She wrote close to 20 books a year – just amazing, wonder of anyone else has written close to the amount she has? Hundreds! Bless her for the most amazing childhood memories 🙂

    Lovely to see you, Anna thanks for popping by!

  11. says

    What a fabulous list! I just joined GVU about a week ago (after procrastinating because I was quite sure the last thing I needed was *another* site membership ;-)) and hadn’t seen this thread, so now I’m going to have to head back there and check it out… Must admit, though, that all the chocolate in the world wouldn’t have been enough to get me to sit through a full game of Monopoly (I always loved the beginning, but it took *forever* to bankrupt my little brother).

  12. says

    LOL Jessica!! That’s cos your focus was on bankrupting him, not on winning yourself – see those are the tiny distinctions we at GVU can go on and on and on about 😉

    I am SO excited you joined – GVU is not just another membership site, it’s the MOTHERSHIP, my home and my hangout. Wooohooo Jessica on board!!

    See you there gf, your monopoly story cracks me up thanks for chipping in!

  13. says

    I love to recall the first concert I went to – U2 in 1997. It was so fun. I loved the music, the spectacle was amazing and I was surrounded by my family.

  14. says

    Fun with the family is pretty high on my list of fave memories too Asad 🙂 Thanks for sharing yours – music, people, vibes, awesome!

  15. Raymon Sporcic says

    Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

    • says

      Thank you Raymon, you’re very sweet to say so! Sorry, only just seeing this message now 🙂 But how lovely to find it and be able to soak up your words today. Merry Christmas!


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