Why Raise Your Children to be Entrepreneurs?

It’s a busy week working on rebranding exercises given to me by my Brand Coach, Andrea Shillington.

It’s so much fun seeing new directions emerge, fine tuning services and web content, and getting excited about a particular group of people that I can’t wait to start coaching soon!

In the midst of it all, I found this video that a new connection on twitter made a couple of months ago.

Cameron Herold, a Vancouver based businessman gave a Ted Talk in Edmonton called “How to Raise Your Children to be Entrepreneurs”.

I loved it SO much that I’m sharing it here with you.

Why is this topic so important?

Many reasons, 2 of which I’ll outline:

1) Because I believe in Entrepreneurship. And kids.

2) Because You believe in Entrepreneurship. And kids.

In teaching younger generations that it’s vital to think for themselves and encouraging them to find their passions as early as possible.

We, you and I, are in a position to do that for them.

To help and to learn from them.

As kids we think everything is possible, the world is our Oyster. As grown ups, we forget.

Let this be a reminder to you.

  • What would your life have been if your parents had taught you entrepreneurial traits?
  • And if they did, how have you benefited, what have you learned that the rest of us are just learning?
  • If you could have a do over, what would you do differently to raise your child?
  • What do you wish you’d been encouraged to do more?

These are some of the questions popping up in my mind after watching this vid.

Thanks Cameron, for an excellent talk.

I’m stoked to share this with the rad, cool, forward thinking readers of this blog. I hope you all enjoy his story & when you finish, please leave a comment telling me what you’re thinking.

Would love to hear what your views on this are and how YOU encourage your children to think outside the box.

What would you want your child to learn and know about life, passion and careers?

Let’s get this conversation started!

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  1. says

    Hi Tia,

    I was raised in a place where most of the people my age went to college, but my family came from a different type of community. Now, college did quite a few good things for me & I do not regret it at all. But, the idea that getting an education will allow for you to get a job which you will have for the rest of your life is probably not true anymore. So, we all need to have a bit of entrepreneur in us now days, I think.

    Nice thoughts. Have a great day!

  2. says

    Ditto Mark! Growing up in India, there was no question of NOT going to University.

    It’s only a few years ago that I realised times have changed and while folks tell us what to do based on their experience, the information highway & opportunities available to us call for a different outlook.

    I still have a few friends who’ve been with their companies for years and I’m glad to say I have many others who are blazing their own path. A little entrepreneur goes a long way – the most important thing is mindset.

    It’s so liberating to know that we CAN do it our way!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mark!

  3. Anna says

    Choked up at the end with the validation, confirmation, recognition, explanation – thanks for sharing TED!

    Played the allowance bit for my kid & he’s as keen as I am – started immediately. Allowance is something we’ve only been doing a few months, & he’s lost (a la consequence/punishment, a concept I abhor) about half the time. I’ve been wanting a better way, and now we’ve got it – yay!

    Life with a “job” (as in strictly working for someone else between 8 & 5 with rules, benefits and a gold watch) feels like a life determined by someone else, with the only hope being escape by lottery. Ugh.

    Frankly, I’m disappointed and bored with directions to the nearest box – and those attempting to send me there aren’t so jubilant themselves. I keep wanting to ask them, “WHY?”

    Gleefully out of box-sight range,

  4. says

    Oh my! That is SO heartening to hear – instant results!

    You know, I had you guys in mind when I posted this – as soon as I saw it I just knew it was meant for Anna & The Kid 🙂

    Stay OUT of that box, maybe on TOP of it, k? I’m here if you need help in being dragged out of it. Yikes, just had a mental image of Jack pulling you into the box and me hanging on to your foot, yanking you back out. LOL!

    It’s past 2am, time to take this wild imagination to NoddyByeLand…

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing this, I did not like school, other than the social aspect of it. My report cards said the same thing, lacks focus and talks to much (every year). I did not do well to say the least but I got through. I started my first company at 22 and have been on a roll ever since. The life of an entrepreneur is not a simple one, to have an innovative mind can be exhausting to say the least and support can be hard to find- never mind the lizard brain trying to sabotage you! Freedom to express and create trumps all…. I will be guiding my children to follow their passion in a big way!

  6. says

    Hi Marlies! Wow, your report card sounds a lot like mine 😉 Till I was 12 I did ‘very well’ in school, standing in the top 3 in my class. After that it kinda went south. You know, reading your story and seeing so many young wonderful entrepreneurs around me, if I could change one thing from my past it’s this – I would have started earlier, lizard brain and all!

    I do think as we grow older we feel like we’ve got more to lose and taking that step out of the comfort zone gets scarier than if we were younger. Takes a little more reworking of those brain cells 🙂 Your kids are so lucky to have you championing them like that!

    And btw, I fell in LOVE with your site – the pictures are amazing, the look and feel is so welcoming.. *confession* I’ve looked at your site about 5 times today! Thanks so much for dopping by & commenting, it means a lot. Hope to see you around!


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