12 Must Read Blogs for Entrepreneurs & Freedom Seekers

Kim of KimFalconer.com passed on a Versatile Blogger award to the soon-to-be-newly-relaunched Your Life YOUR Way (this here blog) saying that it “opens the door to a new way of being“. How sweet is she? Thanks Kim!

I’ll continue on the meme in my own way cos it came in just as I was compiling a list of the diverse blogs I read to support my business goals. Love the synchronicity!

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur or an inspired person looking for your passion and want to turn that into a lifestyle, these are some hugely inspiring and educational blogs you’d do well to follow:

Delicious Mind Food (for it all starts with MINDSET):

Good Vibe Blog – Jeannette truly is the Good Vibe Goddess and THE most genuine, generous and uplifting person you’ll meet online. Her blog rocks LOA for the real world like no other.

Steve Pavlina – My first introduction to LOA concepts in 2006. I love that Steve mixes the Science and Art of Beliefs in an LOAish way and dishes out the most practical and bold information in a I’m-gonna-slap-you-awake kind of way. Huge respect for his experiential lifestyle.

ZenHabits – Minimalism and simple life strategies. Thanks to Leo and a few other similar blogs, I’ve started embracing the simple life (I’m not living out of a backpack, and yet, I find myself needing less each day).

Entrepreneurial Strategies (copywriting, marketing, branding):

CopyBlogger – More than just about writing shining, effective copy, Brian, Sonia and a variety of guest writers offer blogging and marketing strategies that work for them. You’ll get a real education on online presence building.

Chris Brogan – is a huge inspiration and makes no bones about having taken 11 years to become an overnight success. True grit and determination along with a healthy dose of realism is what makes him outstanding.

Marie Forleo – Hot, happy and rich and walking the talk! An example of how being who you are confidently can take you a long way in achieving your goals.

The Launch Coach – Vital tips and strategies to launch your business and products. Dave offers a ton of free advice on his blog and provides great value and information succintly and effectively.

IttyBiz – The Marketing Ninja brains behind one of the most successful marketing blogs on the Interwebs. She has a naughty way about her that turns readers into raving fans or haters (guess which one I am) and has that gift of cutting through the smoke to fan the flame. #Frenvy.

MarsDorian – Branding wunderkind whose fun, dynamic and irreverent style will make you smile. His clarity of purpose, passion and vision makes him a rising star to watch closely.

Social Media & Innovative Thinking

Social Media Examiner – My one stop shop for the latest Social Media news, everything you ever wanted to know about social media and in an easier format than Mashable.

Ted.com – For groundbreaking new ideas and innovative practices, inspiration in droves. Gotta get a Ted dose anytime you’re feeling a bit uninspired or unmotivated.

Seth Godin – will make you think and challenge you to step up to the plate and establish your leadership. Read his books and blog, ok? Just do it.

You probably already read these blogs and if not, I hope you’ll check them out! I’ll be breaking them down into more categories and adding a bunch more in forthcoming posts but for now, these are the ones that I’m loving.

* This meme said other stuff like let the bloggers know & ask them to write a similar post yada yada but I’m not gonna do that. Instead, I’ll ask YOU – do you have daily must reads for business & personal growth? Would love for you to share them in the comments below, thanks!

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    Thanks for the recommends Tia, particularly ZenHabits. I’ve been slowly simplifying my life over the last year and I wasn’t aware there was a name for what I’ve been doing 🙂 I’ll be adding some of these dynamics to my “Do Over” coaching.

    I’m not living out of a backpack yet, either… but I have to admit the idea is extremely intriguing. Again, thanks for a great post.

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    Hi Tia,

    Quite impressed with your work. I find your website from http://fourblogger.com/20-best-niche-blogs-that-stand-out-from-crowd/.

    Well, as per my qualifications, I am Masters in Technology and Management and I had worked as a Java Professional for around 5 years. Recently I left my job and planning to open my Training Business that makes me happy.

    Can you suggest me some?

    Kaushal Sharma
    kaushalksharma dot mtech at gmail dot com


    • says

      Thanks Kaushal 🙂 Firstly, CONGRATS!! Huge congrats on leaving your job and starting your own business! It can be a scary and exciting time so make sure you surround yourself with supportive people who encourage you, rather than people who’ll try to “scare” you into getitng another job.

      I’m not sure what suggestions you’re asking for though, could you please clarify? I’d love to point you to the right resources.

      In the meantime, check out the Interview I did with Chris Guillebeau, the poster child for freedom and entrepreneurship http://www.coachtia.com/2010/10/27/your-life-your-way-interview-series-1-chris-guillebeau/.

      He wrote an excellent book that shows you how to set your own rules and live the life you want and I am giving a copy of his book to one lucky reader – just read the interview and leave a comment after that and you’ll be in to win 🙂

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    Hi Tia,

    Well written blog, Great tips and very informative! I really like this post, truly inspiring – I love your great work! I hope you all the best for the future… I would be delighted to connect with you.


  4. says

    It’s a pleasure Tia, and thank you really appreciate that. Just wanted to know if you had received my email? I emailed you on your personal email.

    Thank you once again! You have amazing techniques and skills – let’s keep in touch!

  5. says

    Yw Stephanie! Thanks for sharing that link – I LOVE the website and concept (of course I would, I am such a Scanner :D)!! Great to meet you, appreciate you stopping by.


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