YLYW Interview # 4: Gideon Shalwick, Online Video Boss Man

Back in 2009 when non-techie, fund strapped me wanted to set up my first wordpress site, I found Gideon’s fantastic free blogging tutorials at Become a Blogger and uploaded this site within a day!

I’ve been a huge fan since. Seeing that Gideon’s a video blogging rockstar, I decided to do my first ever video interview with him.

Disclaimer: Since this is my first, the editing isn’t super flash (I have a sniffly cold) and I giggle a lot (a LOT) but it’s a good start and Gideon shared some great content and insights so I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

There’s also a link to download just the audio version so you can listen to it on your MP3 player if you’re more auditory than visual (or if my dancing distracts you, lol).

We talked about:

  • Living his life his way – moving from SA to New Zealand to Australia
  • How Gideon got started with building an internet business
  • His earlier business ideas (including franchising) and how that panned out
  • Being in alignment with your values when creating
  • How he figured out what he REALLY wanted to do and found his passion
  • The importance of action, even when it doesn’t give you the results you want
  • The challenges, fears and conditioning that he had to let go of to get to his core inner self so he could really taste success on his terms
  • The true path to wealth (personality based)
  • The hedgehog concept and why it’s the # 1 thing you must clarify in your business
  • What Gideon would do differently if had to start over again, ie, a note to you & his younger self
  • Top 3 habits & practices that help him stay inspired and hugely productive so he can live life his way while running a successful 6 figure online business
  • Why video is so important for small business owners
  • The Future of Video – Blogging and Beyond (some pretty cool ideas here)
  • And a ton more valuable info about the mindset that goes into entrepreneurial success

Click here to play the AUDIO version online (or right click to save)

Want More? Gideon Shalwick is an Australia based entrepreneur  focusing on online video marketing and teaching people how to build a ton of leads using simple tools like YouTube and blogs and clever marketing strategies. Visit his website GideonShalwick.com, and learn all about how to create quick and easy videos at Rapid Video Blogging.com. Or go say hi on twitter.

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  1. says

    Wow, you rock, Tia!!!!
    This being your first video interview you seem to be a natural and I’m pretty impressed!! I’m a huge fan of Gideon and have been following him for a while now, so thank you so much for interviewing him. I found that there was a lot of new stuff revealed here. I particularly enjoyed hearing about how he got started from trial and error and his top 3 habbits and practices that help him stay focused.
    Warmly, Pernille

  2. says

    Hey Pernille! Glad you enjoyed the interview, Gideon is SUCH a cool interviewee and I’ve learned a lot from him in the past 1.5 years (and still do!). Thanks to him, I was able to edit out the parts where I’m bobbing around like a dunked apple and zoom in on him or else this video would have been painful to watch.. LOL. Can’t wait to make more vids, woohoo.

  3. says

    That’s awesome Jonathon! Would love for you to come back and share your biggest takeaways once you’ve got them down on paper 🙂 Thanks for watching.

  4. says

    Great interview, Tia. You let him talk and didn’t interrupt, but you also kept it focused and drew out of him very helpful information.

    I GRINNED when I saw who you were interviewing because it was Gideon’s e-book on video blogging and his free videos he did that inspired me to start Up From Splat. He’s the one who gave me the kick in the butt to get over my concerns about appearances and get in front of the camera, so I’m a big fan of his.

  5. says

    Cheers Ande, you and me both, you and me both! Gideon’s a rockstar blogger and video guy AND a super nice fella. Glad you enjoyed our interview, thanks for watching.

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