STRIKE! Letting go of 11 for 2011 #Reverb 10 Style

Holy gumballs! This is officially my 100th post 😀 Woot wooty woot! (what in Thor’s name does that even mean?). Anyways, moving on…

What started as “Coach T.I.A – Take Inspired Action!” In April 2009, butterflied into Your Life YOUR Way in October 2010. The new branding was born.

A few days ago, the process was completed as I moved from to (yep, peekaboo above!). Not without some adventure!

In the last 10 days, my website got suspended for 2 days, I lost a week’s worth of emails and all the “FB likes” and “tweets” on 98 posts disappeared. All. Gone. Eaten by the interweb gremlins.

That was a little upsetting since some posts that I was really proud of had been shared about a 100 times. I also lost track of the #reverb10 prompts. Mercury retrogade anyone?

Thinking about this made me realise just how attached I can get to external signs of validation so on that note, I’m going back to Dec 11th, when my website dramas started, and answering the prompt:

December 11 – 11 Things What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

Hmm lotsa 1111’s there for you numerology geeks 😉

  • Being Tired / Low Energy State. This has been the theme for many years, often tired, sleepy, low on energy. Tiredness is a state of mind and a crutch, so goodbye. In 2011, I choose energy.
  • Confusion. I spent all year talking about how confused I was about what direction to take my business. Guess what happened? 9 months of not knowing. The way out of confusion is to stop talking confusion. So in 2011, I speak words of clarity and focus. How crystal clear it is!
  • Fear  / Resistance / Excuses. Ahhhhhhh! I took many brave little steps, some big ones and yet, I felt like I held back this entire year. I can’t and won’t regret it cos fear is a great teacher, and I’ll just say, 2011 is about fearless action in the face of fear.
  • Distraction via email, social media. I suspect a big part of the confusion and fear this year is thanks to my incessant, obsessive clicking of the refresh button on facebook, twitter, email etc. I’m at a point where I have some great relationships and people in my life, and nurturing them is a function of intention, not obsession. 2011 is about setting structures and processes in place for communication, connection, creation and consumption.
  • Negative self talk. Although I was very aware and conscious of my words, thoughts and actions and made huge headway in 2010, I’m letting go of this in a bigger way. 2011 is about loving myself and believing in myself to the nth degree. Whatever it takes.
  • # fixations. Since I moved my website, my Alexa rankings start from 20million again. I know it takes 3 months for the average to be calculated so I won’t check it every day – March should be just fine. This will help me focus on creation and value instead of validatory (did I just make that word up!?) ego boosts.
  • 50% of the 25% that’s left of my wardrobe since the big cull of 2010. Already did this and seeing my life packed into 8 boxes, one of which is my cherished books and one of clothes, has freed me up mentally, physically and emotionally. In 2011 I shall continue the lightness of being!
  • Information products. I just bought my last one for a year (damn you Naomi & Dave!). I haven’t counted yet but I’ve probably spent a few thousands in info products and events this year. Leaving behind this addiction and fear (of missing out on something) will allow me to create more than I consume. Looking forward to it :).
  • Apathy. Amidst the passion, there’s been a lot of “I don’t care” and I’m smart enough to see it comes from overwhelm. That’s gone, so sister A can take a hike as well. What will this give me? Tia unleashed!
  • Running. Running from responsibility and commitment (words that gnaw at me like a rat in a sewer). Redefining them to mean: responding to my heart’s desire (response-ability) & deciding to live a 150% life (commit-meant). Delighting in each day I experience the beauty and joys of being alive. Standing still, listening to my heart speak.
  • Playing Small. By this I don’t mean financially or business “growthly”. I mean acting as if what I have to say isn’t as important cos others are saying it too, or saying it louder and better than me. It’s about playing to my gallery, playing to myself, my strengths, my gifts, my purpose.

It means owning & living my way, MY way.

I welcome 2011 in all its glory. I’m always excited to start a new year and this time, even more so as I let go of 2010 with fondness and delight, and usher in 12 months of a fantastic, phenomenal new life.

I am here, watch me leap.

What are some things YOU don’t need in your life in 2011? What are you letting go of in the new year? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks for being here & sharing!

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  1. says

    I’m letting go of the need to identify with a vocation that no longer challenges me (oops, already gone); the fear of failing in a new business; and the responsibility for other people’s lives.

    No one is singing your song exactly like you, Tia. I like your tune. If I could ‘like’ this page 100 times, I would 🙂

    • says

      Hahaha that last bit just made me giggle Lach!
      1) Thank you for saying that <3
      2) I love how easily I confess and own my obsessions, big hugs to me 😉

      Your picks are pretty damn awesome. And hugely powerful. I suspect your life has already changed a ton and now it’s about to get a 100 times more fantastical as you just made a loud, public declaration that the whole world heard. YES!!

  2. says

    Tia, you have magic powers. You waved your post at me and turned me into a bobble-head doll. I was nodding the whole way through. 😉

    Tired. Check
    Confused. Check
    Fear/resistance. Check
    Distractions. Check
    Negative self talk. Check
    # fixations. Double check
    Information products. Check
    Apathy. Check
    Running. Check
    Playing small. Check

    Been THERE, done (and some still doing) all of THAT. You’ll notice the only one I didn’t check was the getting rid of my wardrobe and that’s only because my weight gain did that for me. I can only wear a tiny percent of what I own, so I gave 3/4 of it all away a year ago. My closet is VERY clean. Woo hoo.

    What I find really amazing, and for me–empowering–about this post is how much it surprised me. I discovered your Coach Tia blog in May-ish I think, through Jeannette’s blog, and I perceived you as a DYNAMITE, ULTRA-CONFIDENT, totally FOCUSED, POWERFUL woman. That perception hasn’t shifted as I’ve followed your work more closely in the last couple months. The reason I love this is because it reminds me that the way we see ourselves is so not who we are. So I not only applaud you for leaving these things behind, I’m with you on each and every one of them.

    I’m also tickled because on my rainy forest walk with Ducky this morning, I was thinking about our upcoming conversation and how I wanted to talk to you about my need for “validation” and being recognized, and here you are talking about it. How fun is that??

    And one more thing before I stop. When your site was down, I was aware of it because I’d been trying to get to it to watch one of your Skype interviews. When I saw it was gone, I immediately hooked into how you were feeling. I’d just experienced something similar in September. I spent 2 solid weeks building Up From Splat, and a FTP transfer glitch deleted the whole thing. All my stylesheet changes and posts–everything. I had to start over from scratch. When I started to hook into what I knew must be your frustration and whatever else you were feeling, I realized that wouldn’t help you. So I immediately shifted to a vibe of “what’s in it for her?” So I’m happy to hear that it’s brought you some ahas and clarity! 🙂

    Keep on fizzing. 😉

    • says

      What do I love about your comment Ande? Everything.

      Especially the part about how we see ourselves is not who we really are. Often, it’s easier for OTHERS to see our true selves and brilliance than we do.

      That’s why coaching is SUCH a powerful tool! Having a coach in your life means someone sees YOU, in your perfect wholeness, creativity, potential and passion. As you see me 🙂 Thank you for the generous, beautiful, touching and hugely heart expanding acknowledgement!

      Like I said over at Charlie Gilkey’s Entrepreneurial Success requires Stamina post:

      “Hells yeah! Starting my own business has taught me one very important thing about people – no matter who you are, how big, how successful, how rich, how productive, essentially, at the bottom of it all, you are the same as me, with the same human fears, worries, needs, wants and desires.

      You’ve just been at this game of entrepreneurship longer & figured out how to ride the waves better. And if you can do it, so can I. And I will. As long as I keep listening to my intuition and moving forward, one day at a time.

      Pretty cool huh.”

      And by you, I mean the Chris Brogan’s & Seth Godin’s of the world who are living examples of passion, perseverance and persistance. Rock on!

      ps: You know what was really empowering for me about my site outage? 5% of the time I was mad as a volcano spilling its guts. AND 95% of the time I was relaxed and easeful about it, thinking that if everything was really gone, I’d just start over again, bummer but not such a big deal.

      Seeing THAT level of trust in myself and in what I’m creating showed me just how far into 2011 I already am 🙂 Thanks for holding the intention for me!

  3. says

    Dear Tia, what an amazing list – you focused on what you no longer need and you opened yourself up so much. I love the transparency, the sweet self-admonishment combined with this great determination going forth. I am very very proud of how you are dealing with the website frustrations and I wish you the very very best in 2011 – I think the Dave/Naomi product is going to be a killer and I *know* you are on the right track, you are all set for a huge breakaway….the plan is solid and your momentum is here. Happy New Year to you (a few days early)!

    • says

      I love it when you drop by Farnoosh! Thank you, this has been QUITE the year and it’s so great that things are finally coming together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are suddenly starting to look a lot like fireworks and swirling seas and great mountains with amazing views!

      Looking forward to connecting more with you in the next few months as we both blaze our trails of creativity, passion, fun and success! Big hugs girlfriend, and Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ahead xo

  4. Julie B says

    TIA!!! WOW… what a great list! I just read it w/ a big smile on my face and shaking my head thinking “how did she know that’s everything I want to get rid of too?”… I mean everything!

    You have a coool website! I dropped over here from the new GVU gal (Iread her blog about winning the trip to Oz) and saw your name and clicked over… GREAT site! Good buzz!

    All the best to you!

    Happy new Year!

    • says

      Julie! Yay, thank you and welcome to my online home after GVU! We’re hanging out at the coolest LOA place on the Interwebs, of COURSE we were bound to have much in common 🙂 Love that you dropped by, woohoo! So what are you going to allow as a result of letting all that stuff go? Don’t forget to put some focus there ay. Happy New Year!

  5. says

    I am letting go of many of the same things you are. Negative self talk. I am positive and excited about what the future holds! Low energy. I too find myself tired a lot (probably because I don’t get enough sleep)! But when I am up, I am UP from now on… full of energy, alert and ready for whatever comes (and to MAKE things happen)!

    • says

      Angela, I’m trying Steve Pavlina’s way – since I’m an insomniac, I’m starting to set my alarm to wake up at the same time every day no matter what time I sleep. Hoping that with time my body will naturally fall into that rhythm. I hear that to get proper rest, sleep for 7.5 hours, not 8. Or multiples of 1.5. Let me know how it goes and if you’re facing any challenges! Cheers!

  6. sanjeev singh says

    Hi Tia,
    I am reading this post in 2014, it is never late to bring in “change” in life and let go off things that just hold you back and stop your growth.At this point in time i am already clearing up old baggage that has piled up over the years!!! a new beginning has been made and I can feel the positive changes around me. thank you !!!

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