On Appreciation #Reverb10

I’ve decided not to play “catchupsies” with all the #reverb1o prompts. Frankly, “having to” is just not in my vocabulary and it’s starting to feel like work. So I’m going to answer randomly as inspired. Which I’ve been doing anyways 😉 This one spoke to me today.

December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

I’ve talked about this before: how 2010 wasn’t the easiest of years.

Of all the things I wanted to do and have, I got some, but not most. I struggled, I had successes, I laughed, I cried, I made excuses, I took action. I was a living, breathing contradiction.

But you know what? I realise as I’m writing this post, that what I got instead is far, far more valuable.


I am alive!

Now, it’s not that I haven’t been alive all these years.
True, there was a time as an angst ridden teenager that I didn’t want life.
Yes, there was a time not that long ago when I felt stuck and helpless, completely choiceless.

But this is the year that I finally got it.

That I am alive!

Alive with possibilities.
Self Actualisation.
Love. Happiness.
Gifts. Blessings.

This year, I come Home to Me. To my power. My voice. My LIFE. Today. Tomorrow.
And for that, I am forever grateful.

And you, what are you grateful & appreciative of? Merry Christmas!

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    I am grateful for friends who enjoy adventuring through life almost as much as I do…

    I am grateful for the way the creative process embraces me back…

    I am grateful for my three remarkable children…

    I am grateful I share the landscape with a river…

    I am grateful I found you via reverb10 in this middle-of-the-night in California Christmas Eve/morning…

    I am grateful….

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    Oh Tia….me TOO! I feel the total gratitude of CHOICE right now!!! It was exactly a year ago that I felt like all choice was “ripped” from me, only to discover TRUE FREEDOM from that very circumstance! And I sit here and marvel how very different this X-mas is from last, and how much more powerful I feel, act and AM just because of it! Ain’t life grand how the very things that seem to cripple us actually set us FREE?!

    Thanks for this post….it brought tears of gratitude to me :))


    • says

      Yes! That’s been the biggest eye opener of all – to see we have choice. That’s what I am impatient for the world to realise, Noelle! To learn and revel in what we know 🙂 What an amazing adventure you’ve been on by the sounds of it. Glad you hung in there and are out the other side!

      What advice would you have given your one-year-ago-self that could help others in the same position today? Thanks for sharing! Happy holidays!

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      I’ve always wanted to feel ALIVE! Vinita, each time I asked for more energy and friends, what I really wanted was to feel the joy and blessing of being alive. Now I see that being happy for no reason = not needing anything or anything to make me buzz with life and vibrancy. Best.Gift.Ever. So yes, I’m loving the holiday season cos it’s the season of my life 🙂 Happy Happies to you too sisterfriend!

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    Great post, Tia!

    What have I come to appreciate most in the past year? Hmmm… Probably the value of my time. Not valuable in the sense that I can get a lot done, but more along the lines of what you were talking about… valuable because life is just plain awesome and I want to enjoy every minute of it as much as possible!

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      I love everything you just said 🙂 It’s not about getting things done as much as it is about living each moment full out, with passion, aliveness and enjoyment! Glad to have met you and I’m looking forward to connecting more with you in 2011 (you’re already in my “social media coolness” twitter list!) Cheers Tristan, here’s to a fantastic New Year!

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