Lost Your Passion? Has Your Fire Gone Cold?

Angst. Frustration. Fear. Anxiety. Worry about the future. Bills. Confusion. Lack of clarity. Muddy windshield. Running up a hill. Panting. Freaking out. Exhaustion. Running on empty. Mind crashes. Gremlins. Cookie Monsters. Fog. Bag lady syndrome. Unvortexy. Questioning. Everything.

When your fire goes cold.

How do you get it back?

When You’re not lit from within, you allow.

You wait.

You activate patience.

You stop struggling to find your purpose, niche, path, calling.

You just trust.

And you wait.

You focus on the water. You.

And you stop worrying about the faucet. Your business / method of serving you.

You learn that some things cannot be rushed.

That where you are is exactly where you need to be and even if it feels like eternity while you’re treading water, you are hardly standing still. You are moving, ever so gently and slightly, making space for transformation to happen, a paradigm shift to come.

You practice kindness.

You stop saying things like “It’s been 2 years, I should be somewhere by now”. You ARE somewhere.

Just because you think you oughtta be elsewhere, doesn’t mean it’s true. Your vision is limited by your beliefs. Your belief is telling you this isn’t where you’re supposed to be.

And I say – yes you are. Right here, in this murkiness. Confusion. Wonderment. Impatience.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Not forever, just for now.

Accept it.


And do what inspires you or makes you a little happier in the moment. Forget about tomorrow.

Play BEING now.

Cos I PROMISE you this.

It’s coming.

I’ve seen it! Your face alive with joy. Your heart racing fast and the glow around you as you come into it. Your passion! Your excitement! That feeling of exhilaration in which you know you own the world and nothing, no one, not even you, can keep you from your destiny. Your reason for being. The happiness and aliveness that BUBBLES forth from you. The magnetic aura that surrounds one living their dream. The irrestible force of energy that you are.

And your fabulous Success!

As defined by YOU. Sweet, delicious, evocative, soul satisfying, enlivening, liberating, accomplishing, giddy, giggly, punch-the-air-wahoo-exuberance, soft, gentle, a slow smile spreading.

It’s powerful, beautiful, strong and enrolling. It evokes ferocious passion, huge love and strong belief.

I’ve seen it. In you. And you will too. Much, much more than the glimpses you’ve seen so far.

When you step back, stop reaching, stop grasping.

And allow it.

Instead of recalling times you achieved a goal, remember times things came to you because you LET them. Then allow more —Martha Beck via Laura Gevanter

(Ps: I’m not saying “don’t do anything” – I’m saying stop trying and stop struggling. Put your attention elsewhere and do something that raises your vibration – a walk, a phone call, dancing, a nap, anything that gets you in a better feeling state momentarily. That’s allowing.)

Now it’s your turn: what do you do when you’ve lost your spark? Do you have ways to get it back or do you back off? Do you meditate? Listen to music? Get a timer and get going anyways? How do you reconnect to your dreams or get inspired to act? Thanks for sharing!

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  1. says

    Timely post. I just had a good friend call me and say, what is going on, why are you pretending to act strong when you are not?

    As soon as she started speaking I had tears falling down my face.

    Today I am going for a walk in the sun with the dogs, and I am cherishing & celebrating myself. I will allow myself time to grieve the pieces of me that I am choosing to leave behind. The only thing I still wonder, is how often do I keep having to keep the same limiting belief behind? Why does it keep turning up after I have been sure that I have left it behind?

    • says

      Hey Lora! That’s pretty perceptive (and loving) of your friend. Kudos on allowing yourself to be soft, cry and celebrate yourself. Letting go and grieving is an essential part of the breakdown that occurs on the way to a breakthrough. So know that by not resisting that, you’re making the process easier and faster than if you struggled.

      In answer to your question, I used to think that we keep repeating old habits and patterns untill we’ve learned the lessons from them. I don’t think that’s entirely true anymore .. my view is that no matter how successful or happy we are, certain feelings will always arise. Everything from love to fear to self worth issues – the difference is that each time a belief shows up, you get to choose a new one and gently tell the old one it’s not needed at the moment.

      Limiting beliefs are a protective mechanism. They show up cos 1) you’ve been programmed with them since childhood and/or 2) the reptilian brain thinks you’re in some sort of danger and tries to protect you. The last time I had a gremlin attack, I soothed it with love and cupcakes and said ‘thank you for looking out for me, I reckon I can handle it now’ and sent it on its way.

      What if you changed your perspective thus? Instead of trying to leave it behind, allow it to come along but let it hang out in the garden. Just asking the question “why” makes me wonder if you’re attached to getting rid of this belief? Remember, what you resist persists (old hackneyed truism) so let the belief come and go, don’t try to chuck it out the window. The only power a belief has over you, is the one you give it.

      Kim Falconer tells the story of the witch who wasn’t invited to Snow White’s birth and spent the next goodness knows how many years getting revenge. What if she had just been invited? Her ego would have been satiated and she might not have been so malevolent! It’s just a story, but makes so much sense if you think about how behavioural psychology works. Hope this helps, lmk what’s coming up for you.

      And THANK you for asking the question, love where you’re taking us!

    • says

      MissyB, thanks for placing your order with the U and thanks to the U for channeling your request thru me! WOOT!! After a few weeks of “nonspiration” (and not resisting it, just allowing it and not writing), I wrote 2 posts within an hour yesterday :O The next one will be posted in a few days. So that’s 3 posts in 2 days and I owe it to you so THANK you for asking for what you want 😉

  2. Susan says

    Oh Tia, I love this post.
    I am in the process of letting go and not trying to force things to happen. I din’t realise I was trying to force things until I realised how attatched I was to a certain outcome.
    I’ve spent so long thinking I should be somewhere else instead of just enjoying where I am in my journey right now.
    When I find myself getting tense (and I can feel that very easily now so well done to me) I remind myself that the Universe knows exactly what I want and knows how to bring it to me quickly and easily. Then I do my best to focus on something that has absolutely nothing to do with the law of attraction (reading,jigsaws etc.)
    I used to go and read or listen to anything to do with LOA when I was in a dark place but recently realised that I’m better off just forgetting about it totally until I’m in a better place.
    I’m learning all the time and starting to realise how I really feel and take notice of it.
    This post has really rung true with me and I know that I am where I’m meant to be right now on my way to wonderful !!!
    Thankyou 🙂

    • says

      Susan, do you get TUT notes from TUT.com? I remember one a few weeks ago where Mike says “one day, sooner than you expect, the heavens will come together and everything you’ve been desiring will come about so fast that you’ll miss the days when you were wishing for things to happen” or summin like that. Point being, no matter how badly you want out of “now”, when you’re “there”, you’ll miss parts of being here.

      So you’re on the right track, cupcake, esp with the not making it work with LOA but doing what makes you feel great! Yes, forget it! You have already stated what you want, the U hears it. Now your only job is to get out of the way and that means not ‘trying’, just taking inspired action and being.

      So glad you hear you feeling inspired and re-energised 🙂 Thanks for sharing where you’re at and also your process of getting your mojo back. That’s inspiring! Much love xo

  3. says

    Tia…my friend,
    You have a wonderful eloquent way of saying the very most provocative and inspiring things!
    Very timely and oh so… on the money.
    The only way we can be the vessel for all of the universal wisdom we are meant to share is to get out of our own way and just…let…it… come…Well said!

    • says

      You’ve got quite the way with words yourself Miss Marnie! Compliment taken and adored 🙂 Thanks for the sweetness. I must confess, the you=water, your business=faucet analogy is taken from a wonderful lady called Annelise who did a most fascinating intuitive reading for me. It struck me in its simplicity and truth.

      Truly, we don’t attract anything inasmuch ALLOW it. Attract a mate / abundance / clients / success / happiness? Nay, allow it all! Now the tricky part – getting out of the way. I’ll start with an intention. Now that’s a good place to start, no? Thanks for chiming in!

  4. says

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this post. My mantra for the past week is to “Be Myra” because I was getting so bogged down by what all “the experts” were saying I need to do in order to expand my business, work on myself, etc. I love the whole, be quiet and listen. Not quit moving but just to be quiet and let your heart share where you are going. Great analogy with the fire and water. The joy I felt while reading this posting is one of the reasons I am becoming a certified coach. Thanks so much!!

    • says

      Myra, you inspired the 2nd part of the post I’m publishing today. I’d written the 1st part last week and it felt incomplete. Then, you said Be Myra and I knew what was missing. It’s no co-incidence that you came by this piece and left a comment. I’m amazed at how connected we all are!

      Where are you doing your training? CTI? Martha Beck? Let me know if you find yourself in the Dip and need someone to talk you thru it 🙂 I’m so glad you’re following your joy! And thank you for sharing, it’s great to know I’m making a difference!

  5. says

    Thanks Tia! I keep coming back to this post, as it’s packed with inspiration. Especially as you’ve written it in such a way that it speaks to us individually. I feel it’s written for me. When I lose my spark, I get it back by turning my thoughts and energy onto something inspirational, a quote, picture, music, or a blog post like this!


    • says

      I did write it for you Mitesh 😉 And anyone who reads it and feels the same! Thank you for letting me know it’s helping inspire you! So fantastic that you have structures to get you re-inspired when you’re not feeling it. Sometimes it’s more than fine to stay in the ‘uninspired zone’ too, for I’ve learned that’s when something amazing is about to emerge. And sometimes we just need a kick in the pants or a hug to get going again. Either ways, it’s always right. Cheers!

  6. Myra Horner says

    Tia – I am getting certified through CoachU. I love it as I take all my classes online. I live in a rural area so the online option is great!

    And I’m glad that I could contribute (even though I didn’t know I was) to your next post! How cool is that I gave you some inspiration! 😉


    • says

      Awesome! Coaches are my favourite people(s) ever 🙂

      Yep, that’s the thing – when you share of yourself, you never know who, when, where is soaking it in. It’s when we express ourselves, that we inspire others. We don’t know we’re doing it, so the important thing is to keep doing and being more of us.

      Thank you for honouring yourself. Post live tmrw at 9am PST!

  7. doug says

    I hope to God that this is actually true. I’m afraid to try it – to stop trying, even though I’m getting nowhere struggling – turning from one thing to another, grasping at straws and things that once meant a lot to me and now mean little. Thing is, I’m running out of time. Scary thing to be my age and still floundering. Another thing is this – nothing that has ever happened for me has done so without me making it happen.


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