Sunday Playdate: The Appreciation Series # 3

Weekly Sunday Appreciation Series part tres.

Abundance comes from noticing that which we ALREADY have and in appreciating our current blessings, we create the space to allow in more.

I don’t necessarily mean more things, but more yumminess, happiness, fulfillment, peace, fun!

How often do you take things for granted and don’t even notice how good you really have it?

Here’s your chance to transform your week, no matter how good or bad it was, and end it on a positive, vortexilicious high!

I appreciate this week:

1) Live Entertainment. Two-pianist-duelling-bands and fun live music interspersed with Flight of the Conchords “Business Time” at a local Squash club after watching the squash World # 12 and #13 ranked players battle it out. I appreciate sports, players who give it their all and after game banquets!

2) The deliciousness of sleeping in on a lazy Sunday.

3) My adorable, cute, pink and silver coach bag that makes me so happy when I look at it. I’ve never had a bag I loved so much 🙂 Thank you Calgary for great deals on the cutest bags!

4) The Hangover. One of my favourite funny movies that still cracks me up every time I see it. On that note, Princess Bride for being the one movie I can quote over and over again.

5) Central heating and endless supply of hot water. Having lived in places with no indoor heating and limited hot water supplies, this is one luxury I appreciate every single day. Yes people, it IS a luxury. When I think of the millions who don’t even have proper heating or water, I count my blessings.

6) Fortitude. Never giving up hope. Changing course, derailing, but always getting back on the horse. You don’t fail if you fall down, you only fail if you don’t get back up.

7) YLYW on Facebook. And the amazing, beautiful, thoughtful people who play there. Thank you for being a part of this community and letting me be a part of your life! If you’re not there yet, watchu waiting for ;)?

I’d love for you to play this appreciation game with me and list what you’re grateful for in the comments section. Why? Cos this little game has many benefits for you. You’ll:

  • Feel good!
  • Have a chance to reflect on your week
  • Be able to change your perspective about something
  • Realise just how many things you have to be grateful for
  • Help someone else realise their blessings by listing yours
  • Set yourself up with the great habit of looking for the good in each day
  • End the week on a positive, happy note no matter how you felt through it
  • Eventually be titled God/Goddess of Happiness and Appreciation, the more you play 😉

Happy Sunday!

Looking forward to hearing & sharing in your appreciation! Remember, what you focus on expands. Thanks in advance for spreading joy xo

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  1. says

    Hi Tia, thanks for sharing your list 🙂 Here’s mine…

    1. Making jewelry while listening to loud music and enjoying the company of my cats…always a good time!
    2. St. Patrick’s Day. I love all things Irish and always enjoy this day (It was also my Grandpa’s birthday; he died when I was 17, but I think of him every day, especially on St. Pat’s)
    3. Homemade pizza. Need I say more?!
    4. Sleeping in on Saturday and hanging out in my PJ’s and easing into my day very slowly. Delicious!
    5. Going for a long walk on Saturday and sitting by a little creek to meditate. It was almost warm and I could feel Spring in the air.
    6. Talking on Skype with Lach…always challenging and illuminating. 🙂
    7. Soaking in the bath. Like you, I always appreciate the never-ending supply of hot water at my house. What a blessing.

    Here’s to another week of bliss coming up!

    • says

      Gee Laurie, I have to add Irish accents to my list! I swoon over them 🙂 And talking with Lach, that would go on mine too, best get in a chat with him this week so I can add it to next week’s! Big smiles reading your list, here’s to a kickass week and more things to appreciate! xoxo

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