50 Top Tips & Best Ways to use Pinterest for Business

What is pinterest?

 Simply put, it’s a virtual, all over the interwebs, ginormous pin board that is even more addictive than Facebook,as if such a thing was possible. As I found out 3.5 weeks ago, after ignoring my invite for 3 months.

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”

That’s their spiel. But as I see it, there’s way, way, way more to it.

When google analytics showed me that pinterest was now the # 1 referrer of traffic to my Facebook page in just 2 weeks, ahead of even this website, I KNEW it was gold.

It has huge potential for small business owners, self employed people, big business, brands, solopreneurs, bloggers, coaches, pretty much … everyone. How? Let me count the ways.

Here are 50 ways small businesses and self employed professionals and creatives can market using pinterest:

  1. Sell your products and services
  2. Build interest and awareness about upcoming events, services, products, branding etc
  3. Offer discounts to pinterest followers
  4. Hold contests for your business
  5. Promote your upcoming book in storyboard form (or get ideas for writing)
  6. Create a visual representation of your business
  7. Establish your expertise, go-to-ness and helpfulness by sharing useful, valuable information
  8. Make different boards for different topics to segment your audience so people can choose what they want to follow instead of having to follow all your boards (good for targeted followers)
  9. Create and build your community in 5 ways
  10. Get inspired, motivated and creative
  11. Do market research for new product ideas
  12. Ask questions and learn new things from those in your field
  13. Build your brand by showcasing your blog and website
  14. Share tips and images relevant to your industry (even if you haven’t created them yourself)
  15. Create your own images and imbed urls in them
  16. Collect valuable resources for clients and readers
  17. Collaborate on projects
  18. Find images and infographics to use in your blog posts
  19. Connect with your tribe in a more personal way
  20. Create videos and pin them on a special board (thus hitting the auditory AND visual buttons)
  21. Add your pinterest url to your digital signature & in your ezine for more exposure
  22. Brighten up the day with some funnies – regular happy breaks = more productive work ;)
  23. Increase website traffic! Link your pictures to your website or Facebook fan page and get new sources of traffic (pinterest is now the # 2 traffic referrer to my Facebook page, ahead of even this site!)
  24. Use your keywords to describe these boards (yay, SEO)
  25. Share your pins on your social media networks
  26. Let your style attract your right people (esp if you’re a personal stylist, designer etc)
  27. Redo your home office
  28. Find things to do on a budget
  29. Create tutorials and “how to” series via images or videos
  30. Do reviews & recommendations of products people want, even if not yours
  31. Inspire people - no matter what your business, you are always in the business of inspiration
  32. Create a vision board and amp up your daily manifesting
  33. Use interesting images to get peoples’ attention
  34. Grow your community and network the right way
  35. Showcase your portfolio
  36. Find useful time management, productivity and lifestyle information (although to be fair, time management will go for a toss – it’s even more addictive than facebook .. but a lot more useful)
  37. Use it like a search engine – search terms to find revelant information, get insights and ideas for your business
  38. It’s a visual representation of real time trends just like twitter
  39. Collect ideas for website design
  40. Find and follow like minded people (comment on their pins & repin them to connect)
  41. Share your favourite books, connect with your fave authors (interview them, learn from them)
  42. Share travel destinations (great for travel bloggers, travel agents, destination home owners, bed & breakfasts etc), recipes (food bloggers) and so on
  43. Share generously, not just your own content but that of others
  44. Use it to shine and be authentic, it’s a powerful platform for you and your work
  45. Give your boards interesting, simple, and descriptive names to make it easier for people to find and follow
  46. Facebook is a social connection network, pinterest is about ideas, inspiration, design, visual appeal, and has a high aspirational aspect
  47. Follow a few big names to get started, leave comments, tag people
  48. Add the pin it button to your browser and pin anything on the web
  49. Put a pin it widget on your website so readers can bookmark & share your posts and images on pinterest
  50. Get intentional – are you looking to drive traffic to your blog, create awareness for your services, build a brand, connect with people, get ideas, share, or .. ?

If you found this post useful, please bookmark, pin, and share it with others, thanks!

  • What other ways have you seen pinterest be used for business?
  • Did any of these ideas help you? I’d love to hear from you!
  • Oh and I have a handful of pinterest invites – if you’d like one, leave a comment below and I’ll email you one. 

You can also connect with me on pinterest and check out the Marketing your Business with Pinterest board where I’ve collected some great articles and posts to help you use pinterest effectively.

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  1. says

    Hi, Tia! This is a great list of how to use Pinterest. I’m going to include the link in my ‘Best of…” sites list that I came across this week. I originally started using Pinterest to exchange recipes with my sister. I’ve realized that it’s much more than that, though. I’m also seeing that it’s gaining a lot of popularity in the product review and giveaway niche.

    • says

      Thanks Laura, appreciate the link and mention! Yep, TONS more to do there than its original intention (although, I’ve heard that pinterest is using their own affiliate links to make money off pictures.. interesting to see how it will go). Have fun pinning!

  2. shawn says

    I like your post and would like to implement some of these tactics. Do you or anyone else have any invites? shawncarey1@ gmail.com

    • says

      WOW! That’s crazy! And not just 1-2 points but most of it – that is SO not done. I’ve contacted him for his email address (can’t find it on the site as it isn’t in English), and will ask him to take it down or reduce it to 1-2 tips only. Thanks so much for letting me know, Andre.

      • says

        I’m fluent in portuguese, it’s identical. You can try google chrome with google translator. I liked his blog until I saw this.

        You are very welcome.

        • says

          I found it on a few more sites too. Tweeted them to remove it, hope they do asap without any hassle. Thanks again for looking out for me :)

  3. says

    So many of my friends have talked about pinterest and I just kind of ignored them. Now that I read this and understand more what it is it sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rose Maloney says

    Once I heard about Pinterest I checked it out right away, it blew me outta the water! I still don’t know how to pin something of mine but I’m willing to learn and have great ideas.
    Please send me an invite. Thanks


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