29 Ways to Declutter & Improve Your Mind, Body & Soul this Fall

Clutter is a physical manifestation of fear that cripples our ability to grow. – H.G. Chissell.

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(This is a guest post by Deb Smouse).

Want to know a secret to living a sassier, sexier and happier life? 

Clearing Clutter.   

I know it may sound simple on the surface, but I’ve learned through experience that when your physical space is in order, your head will be clearer and your life-plans will crystallize.

I promise you that if you give some time and attention to your own space, you’ll be taking an important step toward living a life you love.

We’re about two months from the start of a new year, and with the holiday season so close reducing that stress now is more than a wise idea – it’s truly necessary.

Fall is actually the perfect time of year to attack all sizes of clutter in your life. 

Deep cleaning and de-cluttering is also a great way ease the transition from season to season while also providing nourishment for your mind, body and soul. When your physical space is in order, you feel less stressed.    

When you clear out the old, you’re making room for the new!

Want some reasons why cleaning and de-cluttering will clear and inspire your mind, help you create a sexier body, and inspire your soul to be sassier? Here’s a fabulous list of how a clean environment will lead to a new and improved YOU. 

For your Mind:

  1. Clean spaces make your mind feels peaceful.
  2. Cleaning your desk is giving yourself the gift of clean and uncluttered space to work and create
  3. Every time you have to stop to search for something, you mind re-focuses. By cleaning desk drawers and filing your papers, you’ll find what you need without distraction.
  4. As you fall clean your home and dig into every nook and cranny you are able to take an inventory and put things where they belong.
  5. Love to throw holiday parties? Put your mind at ease of the last minute hustle and bustle of whipping your house in shape for company by doing it now. When it’s time for your guests, you’ll just need to give the house a lick and a promise.
  6. As you fall clean your home, you can make a list of repairs that need to done.
  7. As you fall clean your home, you can evaluate your rooms for redecorating. A great project for winter when it’s too cold to be outside. (Also, January is typically when most stores run their “white sales” on home goods like linens.)
  8. A clean house will make you feel more relaxed and provide a better environment for reading, thinking and dreaming.
  9. Clean spaces boost productivity and creativity.
  10. Cleaning out closets gives you the opportunity for gift ideas for your loved ones.
  11. Cleaning out your closet gives you an opportunity to evaluate what you need for winter.
  12. Donations to Goodwill are tax deductible.
  13. Hiring someone to help with – or do – some heavy cleaning stimulates the economy.

For Your Body

  1. Cleaning is good exercise.
  2. The physical removal of excess items in your life – old computers, clothes that don’t fit, and unused appliances – is even better exercise. 
  3. Every meal that nourishes you and your family begins in your kitchen. Having a clean, organized kitchen will encourage you to create healthier meals.  
  4. Think of your fridge as a display box for meals. Having an organized, sanitized, sparkling clean fridge help you make healthier eating choices.
  5. Clean out your pantry of expired items and any junk food. Stress eating is common for folks, especially during the holiday season.  
  6. Bring your winter clothes to the front of your closet and the summer clothes to the back. Remove everything off of shelves and give them a good dusting. If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. If it doesn’t fit, toss it.
  7. Deep cleaning your home frees it from mold, mildew, dust and bugs. These things can wreak havoc on your health, especially with cold and flu season around the corner.
  8. The removal of excess clutter in your home reduces the chance of household injuries from trips and falls.

For Your Soul

  1. Stuff has psychic weight. De-cluttering your space to only what you love willmake your heart feel lighter.
  2. When your surroundings are serene, your soul will be able to create.
  3. Your sense of style creates your personal brand. Clearing out clothes that don’t fit your personal brand will make your soul sing every time you get dressed.
  4. Creating a serene space to dress allows you to dress the amazingly perfect canvas that is you.
  5. Sunlight is precious in the winter months. Fall cleaning will mean your space will embrace sun-kissed air.
  6. As you prepare for a new season, it allows your soul to shift.
  7. Creating clean, uncluttered spaces allows you to focus on the spiritual side of the season.
  8. Planning for 2013 is easier to do when you can connect to your heart  instead of being distracted by mess and clutter.

Create a life you love by clearing all sizes of clutter. It will allow you to direct your precious energy to living full engaged.  

So.. what are you going to clear today/this week? What does deep cleaning and clearing clutter do for you and your life? Let’s hear it!

Debra Smouse is a writer, life coach, and Tarnished Southern Belle who helps people learn to fall in love with their life. An expert de-tangler, she believes in busting clutter as a path to greater clarity and that everyone woman is vibrant, passionate, and sexy being just itching to make their inner sex kitten roar.

A native Texan, she resides in Ohio with the Man of her Dreams. Get social with Debra on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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    This is so true, we underestimate the influence of a clear environment on our productivity and mental well-being. I am so much more productive while working from a clean desk or a light room, and the process of de-cluttering definitely free my mind from all the unnecessary stuff I’ve been accumulating

  2. says

    Thanks so much, Clay! I’m like you in that a clear space is so helpful to feeling *on* target. When I get restless, I always look to my spaces first to see what’s going on!


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