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The moment we’ve all been waiting for with bated breath and arms suspended mid reach in the popcorn bucket …

The unveiling of the masterpiece that’s been in the making over 3 months …

What is it! What IS it!?

Ladies n gennelmen, revered jury and esteemed ticker tapethrowers, welcome! (Can you tell I’m having fun yet :D)?

To the newly redesigned, rebranded and repurposed Your Life YOUR Way website, your resource for all things freedom, inspiration, fun and passion related.

(Cue: Crowd goes mad with applause)

Thank you, thank you.

A little background: This website started back in April 2009 as a labour of love, my home in the web-o-sphere of coaching, law of attraction and inspired action. As with all things living (yes, I did just call my website living!), growth and expansion stretches your jeans to the seams.

Fast forward to 2010. It takes a lot of courage, introspection and jumping into the wild frothy waves of action to admit it’s time to move on, “grow up”.

Or should I say grow INTO (cos growing up isn’t for me ;)..

More. More Me. More YOU. More of what I stand for. More expression. More truth. More stretching. More of what’s Important.

Coach T.I.A – Take Inspired Action was a fun, inspiring first foray into the world of entrepreneurship and has since naturally evolved into Your Life YOUR Way.

Which is about a lifestyle, about choices.  It’s not just about me. It’s about us.

It’s about getting to the CORE of what every one of us wants in life. A movement towards and for ..




The freedom that comes from knowing who you are, what you want, what you stand for and what you are here to do.

The freedom that comes from not living according to people’s expectations. Or even your own.

The freedom that comes from pure expression and experiencing life as one big ride, with ups and downs and knowing that through it all, it turns out right.

The freedom that comes from creation.

From being happy with 80% instead of waiting for 100%, which never happens.

From deciding to “build a small fire and sitting close to it” as Charlie would say. Letting it warm you.

You could sit around waiting till all conditions are perfect for you to take that leap into the unknown, whether it’s quitting a job you hate or moving on from a dead end relationship.

(Actually, this is easy. When something sucks so much, moving on is easier than when everything is good enough to get by, even if it’s not stoking the fire within).

Or you could raise your hand for freedom!

Freedom of choice. Freedom of career. Freedom to travel. Freedom to change your thoughts and beliefs. Freedom to change your life. Freedom to Live the way YOU want. Freedom to define what that means.

Your Life YOUR Way means all of the above. Focusing on what really matters. Being happy. Being content. Being courageously you.  Living aligned with your values.

Closer to home, Freedom is embracing that my purpose is to express my creativity, thoughts, passion, values .. not to “inspire millions of people”, something I said as recently as yesterday, but to make the most of this gift of life.

I’m the catalyst, the spark that ignites your flame and makes you reach out for the best version of you.

But more than than, the best gift I could ever give myself or you, is to be the spark that ignites MY flame, define and live my life the way I want, without fear, without excuses, without conforming.

(And in doing so, give you the permission to do the same).

Understanding and embracing my differences, refusing to accept the status quo and being just a little bit bolder when it comes to doing it my way.

My life MY Way means allowing the Spiritual, Self Actualisation junkie part of me to co-exist AND co-create with the Inspired Entrepreneur intent on creating a life of abundance.

It means including all the essential parts of me, and finding a way to make it work.

It means marrying my passion for conscious creation, personal development, law of attraction, coaching, entrepreneurship, social media, technology, adventure, travel and simple living and leaving nothing out.

It means playing, getting messy, screwing up, falling down, being laughed at, laughing at myself, letting my heart beat fast as I hop outside my comfort zone, and doing it anyways.

It means saying things like this, refining what I stand for and saying it loud and clear.

It means remembering that this life is my best shot at happiness before I turn into stardust and so, would I rather swing out and hit some pitches while missing a bunch of them, or sit on my hands and never hit one just in case I missed and someone laughed?

I think we know the answer to that.

It means freedom, passion, inspiration, fun.

Or whatever that looks like for you, then finding, owning and LIVING it out loud.

If you’re someone with many interests and passions and want to combine them into some sort of a career that allows you to travel, explore, take sabbaticals and start your own online business, or if you’ve just started your own service centered business (coaching, creative consulting) and are looking for business support & mentoring to build your practice so you can live the life of freedom you want, I can help you!!

Head on over to Work with me for more info.

One of the best ways to learn is by seeing what super successful, passionate and inspired people living their life THEIR way have done. So on some Fridays (or Wednesdays – it varies), you’ll want to check out the Your Life YOUR Way interview series featuring the coolest, funnest, bravest people I know who’ve done just that – found their way, owned it and are living it full out.

Thanks for being here, for reading and for being ready to be more of YOU as you create the life YOU want.

I’d love to hear from you about what Living Your Life YOUR Way means to YOU so leave a comment below and state it loud and clear like you MEAN it. Then, join me on this MISSION to live your best life ever!

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  1. says

    Love your new site, Tia! It’s as beautiful as you are. Such wonderful, fresh energy. Congratulations! I’m all for being a freedom seeker … I’m in!! 🙂

  2. SophieM says

    Love it Tia! It is so bright and clear and makes me want to read more. Congratulations, you rock and sparkle at the same time!



    • says

      Rock and Sparkle .. I can think of other things that do as well, and love that idea. LOL Sophie, great big hugs to you .. for so much! Thank you for being here.

    • says

      Lauralee, it has been a fun journey ay. I remember when we first “met” each others blogs. Wow indeed. And look at you go with Circles of Six girlfriend. SO glad to have you in my life. Thanks 🙂

    • says

      Giulietta, thank you so much. It’s been a few months since I spoke to you about it, hey 🙂 Well, it’s finally done and I like it. Rock on sista!

  3. says

    Congrats on your new website, Tia! I love the fresh, new look of it. And I love your very authentic voice – though that’s not new, just even more clear in this new lay-out.

    Looking forward to learning more from you & connecting through your new site.

    Mia x

    • says

      It feels that way Mia, a new layout is so conducive to a louder voice! I appreciate your support & integrity in my life. Thank you!

  4. Annette says

    Tia, I love this site! It’s (almost) as irresistible as you are!
    All your energy comes through.
    Amanda captured you well!!!

    • says

      Cheers Natalie, I’m thinking of adding some sparkles (fo reals!) .. @Nicholas_Cardot is sorely tempting me to add some, lol. Love you babe x

  5. says

    Woohoo!! LOVE it!!!

    And I love your enthusiasm and overflowing joy in this!!

    And growing up…I’m right there with you on that one…here’s to NEVER growing up!!

    Keep shining, awesome friend!!

    • says

      Lancikins! Yeah!! I was wondering when you’d show up with that sparkling energy of yours! Always a pleasure my friend. We’re due for a skype catch up soon. How’s the smile project and the blog? Gotta drop by soon! Big smiles to you 😀

  6. says

    Thank you to each and every one of you who commented – it means a lot to me to start this new phase of my entrepreneurship & blogging journey with such GOOD vibes and great energy! The challenge of getting to this stage is welllll in the past, even if I got sick for 10 days the night the new site went live. Funny how that happens 🙂

    So grateful and appreciative to have warm, loving, supportive and encouraging friends and readers like you. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to new beginnings full of love, smiles happiness, progress, movement, FREEDOM!! Yeah!

  7. says

    Out Yonder??? Im In town Every day lol
    things have been good and bad since CMS
    The studio owner I was at pulled my priveleges cause I am marketing the gravity better than he was. He Told me to get my own So I am !!! in the New place I am using the owner has a small group studio that i can use 🙂

    Thanks I am grateful for meeting you :p

  8. says

    Way to go Troy! That’s got to feel really freeing I bet. To do your own thing, be MORE of your own boss, soon you’ll be running your own studio and being the best boss ever – if that’s what you want of course 🙂 Here’s to the joy of doing what you love and being free. Cheers!


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