When Life Hands you Lemons, Squirt it in the Kisser!

(Hi! It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted and LOTS has been happening behind the scenes. Read about the 1st thing for now and I’ll tell you all about the other juicy stuff very soon!)

You know how sometimes you really truly with all your heart, desire, intend and plan to have something?

And you know how sometimes, no matter what you do, you don’t get what you want?

And you know then how you try to make yourself feel better by looking for the silver lining and saying things like “everything happens for a reason” and “something even more amazing must be in store”?

And how you say it untill you’re convinced of it but in all along, you’re still a little mad about it?

Well, I’ve found a better way!

Confession: That’s what I used to say too. And slowly, I’d turn a disappointment into something to look forward to – after all, if you look back at anything “bad” that happened in your life, you’ll see that it was the catalyst for something better to come along.

Whether that was something in your physical reality, or a change of attitude, better mood, feelings and thoughts.

There’s something a bit reactive about that though. Kinda like “life gave me a lemon so I’m going to make lemonades” and that’ll learn it.

A little background:

Remember how I’ve been excited silly about going to Argentina the past few months? Learning Spanish? Seeing the words Buenos Aires pop out at me in random occurences? Making friends in BA? Looking for apartments? Acting As If I was already there?

Yeah … so, things haven’t gone as planned and instead of the warm, summery days sipping mojitos as I lazily swat away a fly (do they have flies in BA?), I’m heading to what was the 2nd coldest place in the WORLD this winter.

Cowtown! Aka, Calgary.


That isn’t my first choice. It’s not a place I’d ever have seen myself living.

When I realised cheesecake (Argentina) wasn’t happening due to reasons beyond my immediate control, I realised I had a lemon. Except, this ain’t your “if life hands you lemons, make lemonade” kinda rot. I don’t like lemonade. I’m not making lemonade.

Instead of going the whole “something better must be on the way” route, I decided this was going to BE the way. It’s a very slight nuance but worlds apart.

This isn’t making the best of a situation, this is knowing that it IS the best situation.

Kinda like the difference between Hope and Faith. Probability and Certainty. Ever so slightly stronger. Decisive.

Kinda like squirting lemon juice into the Universe! Way more fun, more pro-active and creative. Plan A is still Plan A. I don’t have a Plan B and will not.

Did you see that? The gorgeousness and juiciness of CHOICE? While it may be said I didn’t choose Calgary to start with, I chose how I am going to be about it AND fully choose it.

And that my friends, is really the one thing we ALL have control over, the one thing that if exercised, has the power to change your life and your world in the best possible way. That in every moment, you have choice.

The more you CHOOSE the state of being you want to be in, the less you struggle.

How often have you wanted something and been disappointed? The fastest way over that is to embrace the new with passion, and instead of making lemonade and drinking it up like koolaid, have FUN with it.

Don’t turn your lemons into lemonade, squirt life in the Kisser and create a new reality!

I’d like you to think back to your life. When was the last time things didn’t go “your way”? What was your reaction? Did you make lemonade or have a lemon juice squirt fest? Care to share? And please, send me some warmth wherever in the world you are cos Calgary is coldddd!

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    Man I hear ya!!! I at least got 3 months of Mexico before I had an emergency to deal with in Saskatoon. And now I just landed a shoot in Yellowknife…temp -44C.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!

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      Wow Yellowknife huh! THAT I do not envy (and would not choose … unless, I chose it lol!) I met a girl from YK yest at Chris Guillebeau’s book tour tweetup. I have to say, people in Calgary are very welcoming and friendly! I’m on Day 2 and already have a few friends.

      Did my post come across as whiny? I hope not 😉 The real whining began yesterday when I realised how everything I touched was giving me an electric shock – damn static is crazy here!

      I’m very pleased to be here in Calgary and feel it’s totally the right move, not something I have to grow into. I’m fully embracing it, and I suspect that’s why things are already going so well. Thanks for dropping by Taylor, always such a great feeling to see a new “face” here. Enjoy your shoot, it will be gorgeous!

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        Hey thanks! Calgary is a great place and Canmore is also a fun place in the foothills.
        Best of luck with your time there. It appears after YK, I head back to Mexico then on to Chile…

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          Oh you just had to throw that in there huh .. about going back to Mexico and Chile .. 😛 Well, after YK you deserve it so I shan’t roundhouse kick you! LOL!

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    Sounds familiar. Two years ago my girlfriend and I CHOSE to move from Perth Australia to to Calgary so I could start a business here. It hasn’t been easy but there is lots to like about this city. And the weather isn’t terrible; right now we’re basking in sunshine on a glorious Chinook day!

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      Liam, that’s defo one of the things people could look at and say “are you nuts” – but, I know better 🙂 From Australia to Calgary is a big move! I’ve done crazy too, so I totally get it. Glad it’s going well for you, ups and downs are just life huh.

      Are you coming to the Social Media Brekkie thing on Friday morning? Would love to connect in person – I want to meet more peeps here. Thanks for sharing!

  3. says

    Hi Tia! 🙂

    Oooooh, I love this! I’m ready to squirt some lemon juice around next time the Universe hands me lemons! 🙂 I do like lemonade, but squirting it sounds like so much more FUN!

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      I know, right? You might like lemonade but squirting it takes it to the next level! Down and dirty is way more fun than sipping prettily 😀 Of course, that’s just my opinion hehe. AND there’s also the have your lemonade and squirt it too part – why choose either or ;)?

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    Love this Tia! Nowadays, I am all about feeling the energy of the “bigger picture” and choosing to know that what looks like a set back or disappointment is going to turn into something even better or greater than I could imagine! It really is a choice. Calgary must have something that is going to serve you!! I will do my best to send some of the west coast warmth to you! xo

    • says

      It totally does, Lori. This move has shown me how many amazing people I have in my life who are willing and wanting to support me in any way they can.

      From offers of places to stay, to friends hooking me up with their friends, to the social media crew, people planning to visit – and it’s helping me appreciate with all my heart, the fortitude of human spirit, adaptability and the undying fizziness of new experiences!

      I hear you guys have snow today? Keep that warmth, you’ll need it 🙂 Look forward to our chat x

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      I thought it was rather interesting to see how once can choose to make the best of something or choose to make it the best (some)thing! I’m loving that distinction and want to play with it some more. Hold the fort up for me, Sandi! I’ll be back before you know it 🙂

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    I am in Florida and the temperature right now is 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius) so I can easily send you some warm waves. By the way, don’t envy the temperatures, I have been home stuck in bed for the last four days due to bronchitis. 😉

    There have been many times where life handed me a lemon and every single time without fail the lemon turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you just have to accept reality, work with what you got and turn into something that speaks to your soul.

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      Nadia, you just reminded me that one of my intentions for 2011 was to not talk about the weather, or rather, to love every weather sitch.

      You’re bang on about the blessing in disguise, loved reading your strong, powerful post about the process you went through. Thanks again for sharing that (and for dropping by here). You’re awesome!

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      No and now I know why you insisted on the CC!! My electrifying nature coupled with the dryness here has me experiencing static shock about 50 times a day. YOWZA! Yes, it does feel that way, inch by inch it’s a cinch I’ll be in TO by the summer! Hey ,… now there’s an idea 🙂 Love you gf!

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      Ooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I LOVE THIS POST you wrote!! Esp:

      “”…no good coach worth his/her salt would suggest that if you’re handed a lemon that you should make lemonade. Why?

      That’s called giving advice. We don’t do that. Consultants do. And it may or may not work as it may or may not be resonant with you. And besides, go ahead and try to make a living on 25 cents a glass.

      What might we ask if you’ve been handed a lemon? What’s good, bad, ugly, or possible about this lemon? What’s available now that you have this lemon? Depending on the client, it could be the discovery that extract from the rind makes a wonder fertilizer for tropical plants, or perhaps it’s the inspiration for a blockbuster movie….heck, it may even BE that making lemonade was an unrequited dream. And blessed be, if there’s nothing to the lemon for the client, they can choose to pitch the lemon…and what that action means to them. It’s about choice, learning and action. Not a cream puff in the mix.””‘

      Tanya you are a real smartypants genius girl!! *Love*!!

  6. says

    I love this, Tia! Choosing is so much more powerful than settling. I did something similar 11 years ago when I ended a relationship. Instead of being bummed that the relationship didn’t work out, I CHOSE to be happily single. I chose to fill my life with the wonder of my relationship with me, and in doing that, not only did I squirt a little lemon in the universe, I managed to cook up a lovely lemon cake (attracting to me and marrying my wonderful husband). 🙂

    And as for the cold, you go fizz and sizzle your way into Calgary, and it won’t be cold for long! 😉

    • says

      Ande, I love what you said there “chose to be happily single” not “decided to make the best of it” but CHOSE it and being in a relationship with yourself! Your story just makes me smile happily (is there any other way ;)?

  7. says

    Beautiful and absolutely powerful, taking total responsibility and making choices instead of getting influenced by the circumstances! Love it…Thank you for sharing!

    • says

      It takes some practice, huh. I bet you have some experience with making empowering choices too 🙂 Great to see you here again! xo

  8. says

    Yes it does take practice and it’s always in progress at my end! Will think about my empowering experiences.I love visiting your blog! Always food for thought! 🙂

  9. says

    Hi Tia!

    You sparkle as usual. I’m a go with the flow kinda person most of the time. Not much of a planner. And more often than not do not make reservations when I travel. Since I write essays, I usually welcome slight derailments because they take me to unplanned places to meet unplanned people, etc and then I write about it. I kinda feel I was meant to take this other route at this time for reasons that may not be clear to me — yet. Eventually, you’ll end up in Argentina.

    It makes me think of a good book someone could write: the year of accidental living. I loved the Accidental Tourist and this reminds me of that.

    Enjoy your! G.

    • says

      Now THERE’S an idea Julie!! It’s set some wheels in motion for sure – bestseller on my hands? I’ll be sure to credit you for the idea, ha! Ooooh, sweet perspective, makes everything all fun and mysterious and unfolding vs feary and clingy. Not much of a planner here either as you can tell 😉 Love birds flying together!

  10. marie says

    That’s how I picture it will be the day we meet in person: giggle party!!!
    Be the gorgeous human being you are and enchant Calgary Ms Sparkle Pants, and I’m looking forward to reading the wopping NY Times no 1 best seller “My Year of Accidental Living – The Ultimate “How to” Guide to Enjoy the Ride of Life “. 🙂

    • says

      Sparkle Pants, Human Fizzy, Ms Sparkles .. not sure how much more fizz and sparkle I can handle, LOL! Totally love the idea of a gigglefest. And holy wow – that is one killer title! I am SOOOO going to have to dedicate the book to you 😉 Have you considered a career in book titling?!


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