Sunday Playdate: The Appreciation Series # 2

Weekly Sunday Appreciation Series part deux.

Abundance comes from noticing that which we ALREADY have and in appreciating our current blessings, we create the space to allow in more.

I don’t necessarily mean more things, but more yumminess, happiness, fulfillment, peace, fun!

How often do you take things for granted and don’t even notice how good you really have it?

Here’s your chance to transform your week, no matter how good or bad it was, and end it on a positive, vortexilicious high!

I appreciate this week:

1) Tobogganing. There’s something to be said for a cold, cold winter. Fun outdoor activities aka my 1st time ever sledding down a big hill. Way, way, way fun. Thank you snow, $4 plastic saucers and snow bumps that make you fall over and tumble down the rest of the way for the biggest laughs I had this week!! Epic!

2) Brunch. Brunch. Brunch. Brunch. Brunch. I.LOVE.BRUNCH 😀

3) Good Vibe University. And the amazing people there who are my online family and biggest support system, always there for me unconditionally when I need them. Thank you Jeannette & GVUers ♥

4) A perfect weekend of great music, new and old friends, ridiculous amounts of giggles, dancing and feeling alive!

5) Giving up the right to stay upset. Thanks to LandmarkForum’s continuing education series that I’m attending in Calgary, I spent this week getting over ‘upsets’ faster than usual. What a great feeling to let emotions swirl but not fuel any experience I don’t want.

6) The courage to live according to my desires instead of other people’s expectations. This has been a toughie for I tend to maintain relationships with family and friends at the expense of my independence and desires. Practicing powerfully living my life my way = I can only get better at it.

7) Mexican Food. Yummmmm to the O!!

I’d love for you to play this appreciation game with me and list what you’re grateful for in the comments section. Why? Cos this little game has many benefits for you. You’ll:

  • Feel good!
  • Have a chance to reflect on your week
  • Be able to change your perspective about something
  • Realise just how many things you have to be grateful for
  • Help someone else realise their blessings by listing yours
  • Set yourself up with the great habit of looking for the good in each day
  • End the week on a positive, happy note no matter how you felt through it
  • Eventually be titled God/Goddess of Happiness and Appreciation, the more you play 😉

Happy Sunday!

Looking forward to hearing & sharing in your appreciation! Remember, what you focus on expands. Thanks in advance for spreading joy xo

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  1. says

    This week I appreciate:
    – the abundance of resourceful, helpful people in my life via Twitter
    – my ability to get work done in spite of current techie challenges
    – a deeper connection with my mother-in-law
    – the first daffodil sighting to let me know spring is coming

    Thanks Tia for the invitation and reminder to look for the good!

    • says

      Thanks for starting us off Sandi! It always makes my day to see your smiling face and anything you have to share 🙂 Yay Spring, looking forward to catching up when I’m back in the Van next month. Woot wooty woot!

  2. says

    Hi Tia,

    very true post. we almost don’t appreciate what’s magical in our lives until we lose them.

    i appreciate

    – my humor
    – my fun, always there for me husband
    – my cats loving nature
    – the trees in my yard
    – the ability to walk
    – my hands to create
    – clean drinking water
    – Having essays published
    – singing “On The Radio”
    – parents

    thx, G.

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