Sunday Playdate: The Appreciation Series # 4

Weekly Sunday Appreciation Series part vier.

Abundance comes from noticing that which we ALREADY have and in appreciating our current blessings, we create the space to allow in more.

I don’t necessarily mean more things, but more yumminess, happiness, fulfillment, peace, fun!

How often do you take things for granted and don’t even notice how good you really have it?

Here’s your chance to transform your week, no matter how good or bad it was, and end it on a positive, vortexilicious high!

I appreciate this week:

1) Community. All the communities that I’m a part of – family, friends, twitter, blog, YLYW facebook community, my mastermind group of amazing kickass women, the extended coach family, CTI, Martha Beck community, GVU and any others I’m forgetting.

To belong, not just “fit in” is one of (wo)mankind’s biggest desires and blessed are those that recognise, cherish and nurture their communities. So grateful for all of mine!

2) My adventurous, open spirit that has led me into many crazy and fun adventures, including being denied entry into the US (yes my friends, I am a national threat ;)) and most recently, cleaning a 757 plane with 6 others this past Friday! Wax on Wax off.

Exploring the underbelly of a giant jet inch by inch gave me a new perspective and appreciation for  these mammoth machines that make travelling and getting Fedex parcels such a fun part of life. (Carbon footprint, my apologies).

3) My ability to hold on to a thought or idea for way longer than serves me and then being able to drop it within moments of realising that! Without the beating-myself-up-for-not-doing-it-sooner-storyline.

Cos this is what I’m learning – you drop something when you’re ready, and not a moment sooner. And that’s OKAY!

4) Being “inconsistent”. This one’s a hard one for me. I’ve grown up believing that being consistent is the only way to be responsible (post coming up on responsibility soon btw!) and trustworthy.

While I believe that keeping your word is of utmost importance, there’s also got to be leeway for changing your mind or rolling with what feels good, instead of sticking to the way something’s always been done.

A lot probably depends on what a word means to you. For me it could be something like starting a series on appreciation with 7 things I’m grateful for in my week and then thinking I HAVE to have 7 things on the list every week!

Well, I’m breaking that thought pattern and finishing up this week with these 4 🙂 And renaming inconsistency the way I see it as EXPERIMENTING & FLOWING!

And on that note, thank you for reading and please do share the highlights of YOUR week!

I’d love for you to play this appreciation game with me and list what you’re grateful for in the comments section. Why? Cos this little game has many benefits for you. You’ll:

  • Feel good!
  • Have a chance to reflect on your week
  • Be able to change your perspective about something
  • Realise just how many things you have to be grateful for
  • Help someone else realise their blessings by listing yours
  • Set yourself up with the great habit of looking for the good in each day
  • End the week on a positive, happy note no matter how you felt through it
  • Eventually be titled God/Goddess of Happiness and Appreciation, the more you play 😉

Happy Sunday!

Looking forward to hearing & sharing in your appreciation! Remember, what you focus on expands. Thanks in advance for spreading joy xo

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  1. Geeta says

    I am grateful for every line (some call them wrinkles) on my face because there is a story behind every one of them!! I’ve even named each one and have become very fond of them. For example – the fine lines around my eyes and around the mouth are the “Tia” lines who never fails to make me laugh and I am so grateful to have her in my life!!

    Then there are the dark circles under my eyes (oops, did I say that?) which come from staying awake all night – well sometimes! People call it insomnia – but again – I am grateful when sleep eludes me because lying in bed I look out the window and see the stars twinkling in the sky and spend a quiet moment of reflection!

    The funniest jokes that I often tell my friends are about myself and I am grateful that it always make them laugh!

    I am grateful that I put on tons of weight because that made me join the gym where I met many wonderful women who are now my close friends!

    I am grateful that I am healthy – even though I am saddled with aches and pains and my joints creak when I sit, walk or move too fast – at least I am alive!

    Now, if only I could type and understand computers better (I had to retype this 3 times as I kept pressing the wrong button and deleting it), I would be really, really, grateful!!

    • says YES YOU DO!!

      I haven’t laughed so much all week!! Holy wow .. this is some good stuff here. Seriously, I mean it – start blogging, I’ll help you out with the computer “stuffs” hahaha. Oh dear .. *wipes away tears* ..

      I feel like adding # 5 to my list – hugely appreciate and so grateful for FUNNY PEOPLE like you!! You are hilarious! And once again – love the perspectives you’ve shared 🙂
      – Sincerely,
      – one WILDLY proud contributor to Tia lines

      Thanks for making this Monday so awesome 🙂

  2. Dianne says

    I’m grateful for the scary lump in my breast that forced me to get a mammogram/biopsy and discover that I have polycystic breast disease (or something like that) and realize that My breasts need TLC and I need to examine them regularly.

    I’m grateful for the flu I that landed me in the ER because it made me realize once again how much my partner cares about me and how willing he is to take care of me even when I’m vomitting and have diahrea!!!

    I’m grateful for turing 40 because it has forced me to look inside and once and for all address any lingering self-esteem issues. I choose to be proud of being 40 now, and the exercise of getting here has been worth it.

    I’m grateful for having no job, no income, no bank account, no car of my own and of being totally dependent on my partner. Moving to a foreign country where I had to go from being Ms. Independent to Ms. Dependent has been the biggest challenge of my life. I now LOVE that I have enough faith in my partner to relax into this dependent position and trust in the universe that all my needs are bing met. I AM OK without all the things that made up my former identity and am perfectly ok with simply being me.

    I’m grateful for TIA for giving me this forum to think and write about what I am grateful for!

    • says

      Dude, I’m grateful that my only job in Canada lasted long enough so I could meet you a few days before I was let go. The ONLY reason I worked there, in retrospect, is so that we could meet and I am 1000% sure of that! Nicely done, Big U. You know how much your love and support means to me Missy, so needless to say I APPRECIATE YOU big time. Like, every day. Thanks for being such a kickass friend and support system!

  3. says

    I love this, Tia, it’s got me thinking throughout the week now of stuff I can put on my list. Glad you started doing this and sharing! Here’s mine…

    1. Irish step-dancing to “Groove is in the Heart” yesterday after putting in my notice at my job and feeling some peace and exuberance! Deep breath, here I go!
    2. My new tattoo…it says “Trust” in my own handwriting, with wavy lines underneath to represent “going with the flow.” Done by a very pleasant young man named Calvin who put me at ease and made the experience very cool. 🙂
    3. Thrift store shopping for smaller jeans! I stopped eating sweets as a New Year’s resolution so I could be healthier and get my energy back, and losing weight is an added bonus.
    4. Enjoying your blog, Tia…you rock 🙂 It feels great to have a few kind souls online who encourage me every day.
    5. The music of Need To Breathe…awesome, positive, fist-in-the-air rock and roll with lots of guts and lots of heart.
    6. Glitter bath fizzies from Lush. Aaahhhh, bliss.
    7. Quiet time in the evening with a glass of wine, a good book, and my cats. I love that.

    • says

      Brilliant Laurie, way to embrace the playdate – you do me proud 🙂

      Ooohhh have I mentioned how utterly appreciative and crazy I am about Irish ACCENTS!? I only need hear one and I’m weak in the knees. Your list is expanding mine cos I love Lush yummies and feeling energised. Woot wooty woot!

      ps: Glad my blog’s a source of goodness in your life, I appreciate you saying that and even more, appreciate you HUGELY for playing full out! xo

  4. says

    Hey Tia,

    Appreciation is so under-rated!

    I appreciate my questioning mind. It makes me want to get up every single morning and do an investigation!

    I appreciate that I can walk. Got them so I use them by trying to walk even if it’s quicker to drive. What’s “quicker” about anyway? (I appreciate savoring the moments.)

    I appreciate the sun! without it, the world would get mighty cold.

    I appreciate the invention of karaoke. Now, singers can sing just about any night of the week and they don’t need to be in a band!

    Thanks. I feel upbeat … G.

    • says

      Delicious list G! You’d make a good detective! I for one am glad I was born curious even though I was told for years that I ask too many (silly) questions 😉 Now it’s paying off cos as a coach that’s pretty much my job – to ask simple, almost ridiculously simple questions such that a child might ask. Yay!

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