Self Love Is




Knowing your boundaries

Sticking by them


Saying goodbye

To people who don’t respect you



A roundhouse kick

in fear’s gut



Taking the time to know who you are

Standing by your beliefs


Authenticity over Approval

Letting your inner superstar out


Saying No

Saying Yes


Not wrapping your heart in cotton wool after it’s been broken


Replacing Old Stories

of Sabotage and Lack

with New Stories


Love and Abundance


Letting her/him go



Self Expression.. to the MAX

Being Anchored in Flow






If you don’t accept yourself, you don’t know yourself.

If you don’t know yourself, you won’t respect yourself.

If you won’t respect yourself, you can’t love yourself.



You deserve it.

Self Love. What is it to you?




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  1. Nina says

    Self love has always been a challenge for me but I am slowly allowing myself to love me for me. I have always been focused on what people think of me and trying to fit their expectations of me. It is the most exhausting thing and wow does self love feel so awesome! its so refreshing!
    I saw your post just when I needed t 🙂

    • says

      Fabulous! And what makes up the YOU that you love? I’d love to hear 3 things you love about yourself (or I shall hound your inbox until you tell me – haha)

  2. says

    I am so, so glad you chose to write this…and I feel, very much, that these are words spoken directly from your heart. What a gift that is – for you, first…and for others (like me) who let these thoughts just reach into our own souls…

    I’m especially drawn to the start of this – D.A.R.I.N.G. Self-love can most definitely feel daring – daring, as we (I) step more into the person I’m meant to be.

    So, as I read this – self love (for me) is: listening to the raw thoughts that speak from me. Listening…and letting myself be okay with what I hear. Being okay with what I see (even when I maybe don’t always “like” what I see/say/do…

    • says

      And thank you Lance, for asking me to. Unfortunately, I was deleting old emails the other day and deleted everything related to this too so didn’t have the text to go with and wrote it rather impulsively. If you still have space for it, I’d love to have it included, but no worries if not 🙂 Love your definition of self love – it’s really about accepting yourself, warts n all huh. Not that you’re warty, hehe.

  3. minna says

    thank you. for this. it tells me that i am not alone in the struggle for self-love. sometimes i dont know exactly what self-love feels like so its frustration at times. but then i remind myself to ‘just be’ and ‘do what i love and love what i do’ as long as im not hurting myself or others. i realized that i was more concerned with what others thought and trying to get their approval. and you know what? that was hurting me. and consequently others around me…its so tough. but youre right. i deserve it. thank you.

    • says We find it easy to love others and give, harder to love ourselves and receive. A great starting point is to ask yourself “would I say this or do this to someone I love”, and if no, then why would you do or say that to yourself? Choose authenticity over approval, even though wanting approval is one of humankind’s biggest desires.. when you approve of and accept yourself, what others think matters way less. Be good, do good. Thanks for sharing so honestly, Minna!

  4. KJ says

    Self love to me means, that I accept myself just the way I am. That love the things in me that I see as flaws, as well as those aspects that I see as perfection. Even though I do see flaws, I understand that those are merely areas of my being that I have not worked on as yet. I’m a work in progress and I love my work.

    Smiles… Kj

    • says

      Exactly 🙂 Well put Kathy! Love the wisdom and awareness in your words. Thank you for sharing! We will be a work-in-progress all our lives, that’s how we were meant to be! xo


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