4 Ways to Live an Inspired, Extraordinary Life

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“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra”. – Jimmy Johnson.

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Do you want to be normal?
Do you want to do what everybody else is doing?
Do you want to fit in?

Well, if so, then I’d like to welcome you to the world of being average.  

However, since you’re reading this blog, I know that this is probably the opposite of what you desire.

I know that you want to live a great life! A life filled with fun, success, purpose, passion and adventure. I know that you want to stand out, be different … simply be YOU. 

I know that you want people to be inspired by your actions. Not because you’re vain, but because you want to encourage them to follow your example and create a life of pure awesomeness themselves. 

But how do you do that? 

How do you create a life that inspires others to transform theirs? 

How do you spread hope, love and light in a world that often seems so limiting, cold and bleak? Help humanity to contribute to a higher standard and a better world? 

You take the following four pillars as your foundation and keep moving forward. 


If you follow the crowd, you’ll only contribute to the average. You’ll live a life that is completely interchangeable and who wants that?! In order to make a lasting impact on the world, you’ll have to follow your own path and do the opposite of what others do. 

You’ll have to take the hard road when everybody else is taking the easy way out. You’ll have to quit when everybody else is staying in the game. You’ll have to walk faster when everybody else is slowing down.

You’ll simply have to be different, not with a mindset of pure rebellion, but with the clear intention of creating change and impact. 


When you go the unconventional route, you’ll soon have to learn to live with judgement. 

Some people won’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. They’ll feel threatened, maybe even jealous or simply confused by your actions, your views and your way of living life. 

Hardly anybody likes change (even thought we all say we want it!) and if you’re too far out of some people’s comfort zone, you’ll hear about it. For SURE.

Just don’t take it personally, even if it’s hard.

Instead, remind yourself that receiving judgement means you’re on the right path to an extraordinary life that will massively impact the world.


You won’t stand out if you don’t expect greatness from yourself. Greatness will look different for different people and it’s totally up to you to define it. Once you do, live up to it. 

That doesn’t mean that you’ll always succeed, but you’ll always aspire to it. 

You’ll expect yourself to be kind, loving, giving, caring, adventurous, determined! 

  • To face your fears, expand your horizon and always keep transforming. 
  • To honor your childhood dreams, your passions and goals. 
  • To take care of your body, treat it with love and kindness. 

To live with purpose. Every.single.day. 


The most effective way to live an extraordinary life is to consider yourself a role model, even if you think that nobody’s watching you just yet.

The truth is you touch plenty of people with your choices and your daily life, even if you don’t realize it!  

The woman working behind the counter of your favorite coffee shop…. your nephews and nieces…. the people in your sports club… your co-workers… your neighbor…  you affect ALL of their lives and they’re watching, believe me. 

By keeping that in mind, you will always go the extra mile. 

You will know that your actions can change somebody else’s world. You will reach out a helping hand and give more than you get. You won’t give up when setbacks happen but you will continue to chase your dreams. 

You will walk on uncharted territory and always push forward. You will live a life worth modelling. 

And THAT is how you create a life that inspires not just you, but the world around you. 

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Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an anorexia survivor, body image expert and the owner of aMINDmedia.

She empowers you to achieve a healthier and more successful life by returning to your true purpose and values.

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  1. says

    Great post!! A nice simple list to live by, very inspiring in itself. I definitely need to work on number 3, have more confidence in all I do. It’s a difficult, but very important step.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the post. I feel with you. Tia is right, stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis will make the difference. Start slow and then go big. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Sheila and thanks for your comment. I often think that we find excuses NOT to expect greatness from ourselves and instead expect others to lead the way. There’s so much power in each of us that if we all unleashed our inner sparkle and greatness, the world would shine brighter than ever before. 🙂

  2. says

    I like the concept of be aware of the role model piece. I am finding people are watching more than I realized… and what I do sets examples that others my follow. That is an serious responsibility.

    • says

      True story, Karin. At any given time you just never know who you’re impacting, whose life you could be changing … so even when we feel like we have nothing to offer, just showing up with a smile is a gift for the world. Huge! Thanks for the comment, xo, Tia.

  3. says

    Nice post Tia. I too was fond of your role model suggestion. As a teacher I have been amazed when I have had a positive impact on a student’s life and didn’t even notice it at the time. It was something small, or at least something I viewed as small, but was huge for the other person. Years later they confide in me how important that moment was for them. Your right…we never fully know or appreciate how small things can make a big difference for someone else.

    • says

      Cheers Dean! This post was written by Anne Sophie, one of YLYW’s sasspert authors but yes, always always always know that you matter more than you can ever imagine – you’re walking proof of that indeed, lucky students to have you teach them. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. says

    Yep. We all say we want change – but saying it and actually embracing it and staying persistent are two different things.

    Change, though, is good if it edifies others.


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