Your Life YOUR Way is a kickass happiness + self growth website that has inspired over 4 million people to confidently and courageously live the life they want, not the life they “should”.

My mission is to create a global platform that inspires people to take 100% personal responsibility for their own happiness and create a life that sparkles from the inside out.

I believe that you’re a POWERHOUSE, so get the f*ck out of your way and unleash your awesomeness! There are 2 types of posts I’m looking for:

1) Real life experiences - of how you made life sparkle from the inside out. How you changed your life and became happier and more positive by changing your thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviours. 

If you’ve never written before that’s totally fine. We can ALL learn something from each other. Your story can be anonymous if you prefer.

2) Articles in the following categories:

:: Life + Style (hacks, travel, money, creativity, careers, beauty, fashion).
:: Love + Relationships (love, sex, romance, marriage, divorce, friends/family).

:: Health + Wellbeing (mental health, meditation, yoga, bullying, depression).
:: Peace + Happiness (inner peace, spirituality, fun, play, passion, purpose).
:: Positivity + Mindset (thoughts, beliefs, habits, fear, confidence, courage, attitude).

Since inception in October 2010, YLYW has had over 4.5 million unique visitors, with 4 million in the past year. Your post will get shared on Facebook (41,000+ fans), twitter, (7000+ followers), and approx 8000 email subscribers. It’s a great place to showcase your writing, share your wisdom, and find a new community!



:: Posts must be original and not published anywhere else (incl your blog).
:: The more of your personality you bring to your writing, the better – think conversational and relatable vs authoritative.
:: Around 800-1000 words + a short bio (50 words) with links to your website/social media.
:: Include a catchy title + inspiring quote + relevant pic mentioning the source ( is one place to find free pix) + an actionable step or question at the end of the post to engage your readers.
:: Share with your networks once it goes live + respond to comments.


:: Put “Guest Post” in the subject heading.
:: Send your post in the body of the email with proper headings and sections (no attachments please – I will delete those).
:: Attach a headshot (150 X 150 only) with the email and name it like so: YourOwnName.jpg (ie, tiasingh.jpg, adam.jpg etc).

Note: I  may edit your post for grammar/formatting/flow/relevancy to reflect the vibrancy of YLYW or refuse posts that don’t fit the style of the site / are too much work to edit. This isn’t a reflection on your writing, it’s about the right fit for my readers. Thanks for understanding.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you! ~ xo, Tia.

ps: I get a lot of submissions so it may take me some time to read & get back to you. Please be patient and refrain from emailing me to ask when I’ll be publishing your post – I’ll email you when I am (can take 3-4 weeks). Thanks!

pps: Please do NOT email me asking if you can send a guest post or suggesting random categories that don’t jive with my blog. If you’ve got a post that fits, by all means send it across. 



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