What a Sleepless Night in Paris Taught Me about Money

All your behavior results from the thoughts that precede it. Thoughts when properly nourished and internalized, will become a reality in your world of form. They are extremely powerful things. Wayne Dyer. 

(This is a post by Florence Grunfelder of moneywithflow.com. Img credit: www.fashionpeach.com)


Years ago, I’m talking early 2000’s, I was in an unhappy relationship… with money.

Maybe you can relate.    

When I didn’t have any money, I worried constantly about it – as in knots-in-the-stomach-worry. I spent too many countless nights, lying in bed awake at 3am, wondering…

“How am I going to pay the rent?”
“How am I going to pay off my credit card?”
“How am I going to LIVE?”!?

When I did have money, I spent it, carelessly, on stuff.

Things like fiery red stilettoes, clothes, and more fiery red stilettoes. Before I knew it, my money was gone. All that was left were the credit card bills, reminding me of those happier times when money and I were shopping and splurging together. 

I would then slip back into that all-too familiar pattern, where I worried (again) about money and wondered when my bank account wouldn’t be so empty.   

Ok so my description is a tad over the top melodramatic, but the point is:  my relationship with money was making me miserable. 

I didn’t know what to do to fix it. 

At the time, I was living in Paris, France AND working as an actress so YES, my cash flow was in a constant state of flux.  And YES, there are a LOT of really nice clothes and shoes in Paris so the temptation to shop is very real (especially if you REALLY like clothes and shoes).

But NO, I didn’t need to continue this erratic money pattern, this perpetual financial roller coaster. 

I wanted OFF! 

Then during one of those 3am tossing and turning I-can’t-sleep-‘cause-I’m-too-worried about money moments, I had a serious life-altering realization.   

“What I think about money has a direct consequence/impact on how I behave with money.” 

Let me explain.

Because I thought: “I never have enough money… money is scarce… I better enjoy it while I have it”, I ended up spending it all, instead of managing it, saving it, or spending it wisely.

I was hanging out in the “scarcity” perspective. 

Because I truly believed there was not enough money, I ended up behaving as if there was not enough money.

My actions mirrored my beliefs: I bought useless stuff, spent all of my money and never had any left over. Through my money thoughts, I was (unconsciously) creating my financial reality. 

Our beliefs about money come from our family, friends, society, religion, culture and our own personal experiences. Over time we just develop these beliefs and most of us aren’t even aware of what they are. 

The first step to changing your relationship with money is to identify your beliefs about money. 

So let me ask you: What are your thoughts about money? 


Pull out a piece of paper and pen and complete the following sentence using as many adjectives as you can think of: 

Money (is)________________________________________________

Here are some of my current money thoughts:
Money is freedom.
Money is a source of stress.
Money is abundant.
Money is energy.
Money opens the door to possibilities.

Write down whatever comes to your mind. Aim for at least 10 money statements. 

Most of us don’t think about our relationship with money. But we do have one – whether we are aware of it or not. By identifying your thoughts about money, you can get to the root of what’s keeping you financially stuck.

Now that you’re on your way to transforming your relationship with money and creating a whole new money reality, next week we’ll talk about how to actually change your thoughts and create new ones. 

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your thoughts about money? Do you feel that they might have an impact on your business or life? Please share in the comments below. Like/tweet/pin this post to share, thanks!

Florence Grunfelder is a relationship coach for women + their money.   She combines powerful spiritual lessons with practical wealth-building tools, to help you create your own definition of prosperity — and start living a new money-reality. 

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  1. says

    Such an important topic, Flo! Thanks for writing this post. I defo have some icky money beliefs and am aware of them + ready to change them!

    I believe money is ________
    -here today gone tomorrow
    -never enough (YIKES!! Help me change this one please!)
    -I’ve got to work hard for it and even then it just trickles in
    -a means to an end
    -those with money get money-er
    -not as necessary as I make it out to be

    Whew! Lots more where that came from, I bet. My challenge is in transforming these beliefs and really BELIEVING the new ones. Looking forward to learning how!

  2. says

    Great article Flo! Yes, those money blueprints sure can feel set in stone sometimes!

    But the good news is, WE have the power to re-write them…one thought at a time!

    Thanks for the reminder, 🙂



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