3 Simple Steps to Banish your Money Gremlin from Your Life (+ Manifest More Abundance)

Dedicate yourself to the good you deserve and desire for yourself. Give yourself peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve delight. – Hannah Arendt.

Taming Your Gremlin – Rick Carson.

(This is the 2nd post in the Money Series by Money Coach Florence Grunfelder)

Hey you! Yes, you. Do you have a Money Gremlin aka MG in your life?

Does it ever run your life + take care of your finances for you? Do you find yourself cash-strapped, underpaid and overworked repeatedly?

If so, read on!

Money gremlins are sneaky, little devils. They are the voices in your head that convince you to sell yourself short + make you doubt your self-worth. 

They stop you from going after your dreams + realizing your full potential. 

I stayed in my corporate job, where I worked on Bay Street (same as Wall Street but colder) as a mutual funds advisor for way toooo long. Why? Because my money gremlin was feeding me daily doses of discouragements.

“You want to start your own business?! Are you crazy? You better stay in your grey cubicle because being self-employed is risky. You won’t make any money, and you won’t be able to pay your bills and then you’ll be broke.” 

Before that, when I worked as an actor in Paris, my money gremlin delighted in reminding me:

“You’re clueless about money. You don’t have what it takes to manage it. Money is scary. You better not make TOO much, because you might waste it/lose it/spend it.” 

And then finally, when I launched my money coaching business, my money gremlin exclaimed periodically:

“You can’t charge that! That’s too much! No one will pay you that amount. Better keep your fees low if you want clients.” 

Can you relate to any of this? Yes?

What the money gremlin says sounds oh-so reassuring. We take it at face value. We buy into it. We gobble it up. The truth is everything the money gremlin tells us is a LIE.  Rubbish. Gibberish. Poppycock. Hot Air. Baloney.

Well, you get the point.

If your heart is into showing up more fully in the world + getting paid to be you + letting your uniquely creative talents shine, then you need to give your money gremlin the boot!


Like the bad ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend who weighed you down + was unsupportive of your goals and dreams, MG has got to go.

In my previous blog post, you discovered that the first step to changing your relationship with money is to identify your money beliefs. Maybe you wrote down your 10 money statements. Awesome! Let’s dig deeper shall we?

Here are 3 simple steps that will help you banish your money gremlin for good: 


Be aware of the negative thoughts + self-talk you have around money. 

Get clear on your limiting money beliefs and what your money gremlin habitually tells you.

Do you say things like “There is never enough money” or “I can’t afford that” or “Making money is such a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e!!!” That’s SH*T your money gremlin says.

Write down the top 3-5 things your money gremlin tells you.


Consciously release your negative money thoughts + self-talk 

Your money gremlin probably shows up in your life whenever you want to do something different, when you’re on the verge of a growth spurt, or when your soul gets tingly and wants to stretch. Right?

MG doesn’t like change and wants to protect you. It wants to keep you safe so you don’t get hurt. So that’s why MG says the silly things it does.

If you’re feeling a tad resistant about letting your MG loose, ask yourself: “How is this money belief serving me?” “What’s the payoff of me buying into this belief?”

Stretching out of our comfort zone is often uncomfortable but as Peter McWilliams says:

“To the degree we’re not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.”

Ready to release your money gremlin?

Take the piece of paper on which you wrote the top 3-5 things your MG says. You now get to choose how you want to dispose of it: tear the paper up/burn it/bury it in the ground. Do whatever feels right for you.

You HAVE to get rid of the old junk to make space for the new gifts.


Create positive, self-affirming + empowering money beliefs. 

Back in Paris, (before I sold mutual funds), I worked as an actor and used to believe “I can’t make a living doing what I love”.

For years, I never questioned the validity of this limiting thought. As a result of (unconsciously) hanging on to this belief, I struggled financially. Bottom line, this thought was not serving me. My payoff was me playing small when in reality I craved so much more – personally + professionally.

My bank account grew dramatically when I was willing to release the “I can’t make a living doing what I Love” and replaced it with this new empowering thought:

“Money comes to me easily when I’m doing what I love”.  

It’s your turn.

  • What does your Authentic Powerful Self have to say about you + money? 
  • What’s utterly possible for you? 
  • What money reality do you want to create for yourself? 

Write down 3-5 self-affirming + empowering money beliefs (they must absolutely 100% resonate with you). 

Finished? Great!

Now you’re going to put these affirmations where you can see + repeat them several times a day (on your fridge door, on your bathroom mirror, on your computer screen). Train your brain to believe wholeheartedly in your new + improved money thoughts. Say them with feeling. Imagine that your new beliefs have already materialized.

There you have it – the way to dispel and dispose of your Money Gremlin.

Once you start shifting your thoughts around money – releasing your negative, limiting money thoughts + self-talk and consciously choosing to believe in positive, empowering money affirmations – then your energy around money will shift. 

No matter what your relationship with money is like, whether it’s good, mediocre or inexistent, it will get stronger. You will attract more abundance, your cash flow will become more consistent, and your business will blossom.

Hey! You might even treat yourself to a trip to Paris – shopping for red stilettoes is optional ;).

What’s a disempowering money belief you’re ready to release? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks in advance for sharing this post!

Florence Grunfelder is a relationship coach for women + their money. She combines powerful spiritual lessons with practical wealth-building tools, to help you create your own definition of prosperity — and start living a new money-reality. Ready to add some LOVE to your bottom-line? Grab your free copy of “5 Money Magnet Tips for Conscious Women Entrepreneur” www.moneywithflo.com.


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    I’m releasing the beliefs that money always comes easily to others but not me, that I have to pay my dues and work hard for it, that it’s never enough. Money comes easily to me, as a result of who I am being, and it is always more than enough so much that I am delighted!

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